Elderly Care FAQ

Day Care

  • We strive to create an inclusive and familiar environment for your loved ones. Check in with the respective centres for alternative arrangements.

    Just note that there will be additional charges should your helper choose to have meals at the centres and will have to arrange for separate transport.

  • Through our Senior Day Care programmes, your loved ones can enjoy planned activities in a group setting to maintain an active and social life, all while still receiving essential care services tailored to their needs.

    Activities include a variety of mass exercises, board games, and art projects that are designed to keep seniors mentally stimulated and interacting with one another.

  • You may call us at 6715 6762, or fill up our online form. We will be in touch shortly.

  • NTUC Health strives to make our services affordable for all. However, you may wish to speak to your medical social worker or call us at 6715 6762 to explore your options.

  • Our service fees for Senior Day Care range from $1,100 to $1,606 per month.

    This does not include additional services such as clinical assessment and treatment, medical escort, rehabilitation, and transport.

    You might be eligible for government subsidies. We use the National Means Testing System provided by MOH for processing your eligibility for subsidies. Learn about subsidies here or contact us for more help. We would love to assist you in your journey.

  • Your loved one will be provided with a comfortable recliner deck chair to rest or nap for an hour after lunch, to recharge before beginning afternoon activities.

  • We provide your loved ones with nutritious meals three times a day, with halal options available.

    • 8.30am - Breakfast (eg. porridge, egg sandwiches)
    • 11.45am - Lunch (eg. rice with assorted dishes and fruit)
    • 3pm - Tea (eg. pastry, local desserts)
  • For your convenience, we can arrange for transport services to and from selected locations that are within 5km from NTUC Health Day Centre for Seniors.

    Do note that there would be an additional cost (~ $250 - $440, before government subsidy) and that this service is subject to availability.

Home Care

Nursing Homes

Flexible Care

  • Maintenance Day CareFrom $1,400 without subsidies
    Dementia Day CareFrom $1,740 without subsidies
    TransportFrom $600 without subsidies
    Other ChargesDoor-to-door escort, companionship meal charges etc will be shared during the initial assessment

    Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents may be eligible for government subsidies and financial assistance, depending on the monthly household income per person, amongst other criteria. The amount of subsidy will be determined through the National Means Testing System (NMTS).

    To find out if you are eligible for subsidies and financial assistance, visit our Subsidies page for more information.

  • Caregivers may find more respite care options with Home Care, Day Care and nursing home. Learn more about it at our respite care page.

  • Clients who have been diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment and early stage of dementia are suitable for our Fun with Friends programme.

  • Each session is conducted once a week, and lasts for 3 hours per session. Your loved ones may attend the sessions regularly for maximum benefit.

  • Through Fun with Friends, seniors will have weekly access to a structured programme of mentally and physically stimulating activities that aim to maintain and improve their cognitive and physical functions, and keep them engaged. Caregivers can also take the time to attend to their personal commitments, or speak to our staff for more support through the caregiving journey.

  • The sessions are conducted by trained staff and have been developed by our occupational therapists.

  • Transport is not provided and families will be required to arrange for transport for their loved ones.

  • Kindly contact our Programme Coordinator at 9899 8114 for fees and other details.

  • Yes, a spouse can attend the session with a person with dementia, and session fees will apply.

  • Yes, they can observe or assist their loved ones during the session.

  • DayCare+ is a programme for seniors to participate in live and pre-recorded exercises and other fun activities from the comfort of their homes, via online access over a tablet or laptop.

  • The programme is suitable for seniors with early stage dementia, or little to no cognitive impairment. Seniors may require help from a caregiver at home to help with logging on to the online programme and facilitating the activities.

  • It costs $199 per month (inclusive of GST) to attend DayCare+. A trial session is available at $39 for 1 session.

  • The programme includes live morning sessions with our care staff, and pre-recorded video tutorials on gardening, art and craft activities, games and virtual tours which clients can access at any time of the day. Please note that clients will need to have their own internet connection and a laptop, tablet or phone to take part in DayCare+. You may also be required to assist your loved one in preparing session materials and participating in the activities.

  • Seniors can enjoy social engagement via the virtual platform, improve on their functional abilities through exercises and maintain their cognitive health and wellbeing. The programme provides more choices for engaging seniors throughout the day and encourages bonding between seniors and their caregivers. Clients who often travel between multiple locations may also benefit from DayCare+ as a flexible care solution.

  • DayCare+ consists of daily online sessions of 30 mins in the morning from Mon to Fri (excluding weekends and public holidays). 30 mins of pre-recorded sessions may also be accessed at any time of the day.

  • Some examples of activities covered in our DayCare+ programme include:

    • Exercises such as resistance band workouts and stretching to maintain physical functions and stimulate the body’s meridians
    • Mind-stimulating activities such as puzzles, guessing games, and reminiscence sessions to jog the memory
    • Arts and crafts, gardening and virtual tours to engage seniors
    • Engagements with volunteers and inter-generational sessions with children to facilitate conversations

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