Elderly Care FAQ

Day Care

  • We strive to create an inclusive and familiar environment for your loved ones. Check in with the respective centres for alternative arrangements.

    Just note that there will be additional charges should your helper choose to have meals at the centres and will have to arrange for separate transport.

  • Through our Senior Day Care programmes, your loved ones can enjoy planned activities in a group setting to maintain an active and social life, all while still receiving essential care services tailored to their needs.

    Activities include a variety of mass exercises, board games, and art projects that are designed to keep seniors mentally stimulated and interacting with one another.

  • You may call us at 6715 6762, or fill up our online form. We will be in touch shortly.

  • NTUC Health strives to make our services affordable for all. However, you may wish to speak to your medical social worker or call us at 6715 6762 to explore your options.

  • Our service fees for Senior Day Care range from $1,100 to $1,606 per month.

    This does not include additional services such as clinical assessment and treatment, medical escort, rehabilitation, and transport.

    You might be eligible for government subsidies. We use the National Means Testing System provided by MOH for processing your eligibility for subsidies. Learn about subsidies here or contact us for more help. We would love to assist you in your journey.

  • Your loved one will be provided with a comfortable recliner deck chair to rest or nap for an hour after lunch, to recharge before beginning afternoon activities.

  • We provide your loved ones with nutritious meals three times a day, with halal options available.

    • 8.30am - Breakfast (eg. porridge, egg sandwiches)
    • 11.45am - Lunch (eg. rice with assorted dishes and fruit)
    • 3pm - Tea (eg. pastry, local desserts)
  • For your convenience, we can arrange for transport services to and from selected locations that are within 5km from NTUC Health Day Centre for Seniors.

    Do note that there would be an additional cost (~ $250 - $440, before government subsidy) and that this service is subject to availability.

Home Care

Nursing Homes

  • We provide both long-term nursing home care and respite care.

    Long-term nursing home care provides for stay-in residents who require round-the-clock and long-term nursing care needs.

    Respite care is a short-term care option that lasts from 1 to 4 weeks.

  • We work carefully with each resident to provide high quality, 24-hour nursing care, including those with dementia, stroke, Parkinson’s Disease and other debilitating conditions.

  • We take great care in matching the needs of your loved one with available vacancies in our nursing homes.

    After meeting the necessary requirements, interview appointments, and verified documents, the waiting time for admission to NTUC Health’s nursing homes varies depending on vacancies. We also factor in the resident's needs such as their physical and mental condition, and the amount of support required.

  • Speak to a referring medical social worker at a public hospital or polyclinic to check if you qualify for government subsidy, and to receive advice on subsidy application.

    They will be able to apply for a means-test with the National Means Testing System provided by MOH, and can provide you with more information on whether you qualify for a subsidy with our nursing home service.

  • At NTUC Health’s nursing homes, we strive to provide quality and affordable care for your loved ones. The basic cost ranges from $700 to $4,000 a month, depending on your eligibility for MOH subsidies.

    There are some potential additional charges, such as a refundable deposit, one-time admission charge, and other additional charges.

    For residents who do not qualify for MOH subsidies, the basic rates start from $4,500 a month, with the actual cost dependent on the resident’s care needs and choice of accommodation (regular bedders or single bedders). Medication and other consumables are not covered by the basic rate, and may be incurred depending on your needs and preferences.

    We understand that you may be concerned about affordability. Speak to us on the phone or email us, so that we can better understand your needs and expectations.

  • All MOH-subsidised admissions to nursing homes are done through the Agency of Integrated Care (AIC), a centralised government agency that manages the bed availability of all nursing homes in Singapore. You can approach medical social workers in public hospitals or polyclinics to submit an application to AIC for your preferred nursing home. Learn more here.

    If you do not qualify for MOH subsidies or prefer to apply as a private applicant without MOH subsidies, please speak to NTUC Health's medical social workers who can guide you with the application by calling us at 6590 4300. Admission is subject to bed availability.

Flexible Care

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