Inter-generational Programme

Building relationships across generations between children and seniors.

The inter-generational programme is a partnership between NTUC Health and NTUC First Campus, where seniors at NTUC Health’s elderly care facilities and preschoolers from My First Skool interact and bond over shared activities, festive celebrations, and birthdays throughout the year.

Since 2017, the programme has grown to encompass three tiers: Basic – for ad hoc festivities; Intermediate – where participants meet over regular intervals; and Advanced – where long-term activities are planned into structured senior care programmes and incorporated into the preschool curriculum.

Many of NTUC Health’s care centres are moving toward making the Advanced tier a focus of inter-generational programming, with the objective of bringing out the best possible benefits for both the young and elderly in the long run.


These interactions help our seniors be more engaged, and also raises their self-esteem with the children looking to them for guidance. The preschoolers, on the other hand, gain more confidence with the love from the seniors, while learning the values of respect, compassion and concern for the elderly.

From ad hoc sessions in the beginning, the Inter-generational Programme is now a staple at our Day Centre for Seniors, Nursing Homes, Active Ageing Centres and Active Ageing Centres (Care).

Seniors and their little friends enjoy activities such as:

  • Arts and crafts
  • Light exercises and stretching
  • Song and dance
  • Reading sessions
  • Playing games
  • And many more!

Our youngest volunteer, 7-year-old Travis Wong, performing a duet with Mr Malcolm from Day Centre for Seniors (Kampung Admiralty).

Adorable conversations between our seniors and their preschooler friends from My First Skool!

Our seniors from Day Centre for Seniors (Geylang East) performing with children from My First Skool at the National Museum of Singapore for Grandparents’ Day 2019.


Seniors visiting the exhibition they created with preschoolers friends from My First Skool, at National Museum of Singapore.

If you are keen to have your senior loved ones join in the fun, click below to explore which services fit the needs of your loved ones best:

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