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Do you enjoy interacting with seniors and seeing a smile on their faces? Come join the NTUC Health family of passionate and dedicated volunteers!


If you’ve been thinking of a meaningful way to give back, or are simply looking to make some new friends while doing some good, we welcome you to volunteer your spare hours to help bring a smile to our seniors.

As a volunteer, you will be bringing much needed cheer to our nursing home residents and seniors at our activity and day care centres. You will also have the opportunity to empower our seniors with new skills and improved overall well-being by conducting classes and outings. Help us create an inclusive society by befriending neighbours in the community who may need medication reminders or simply a listening ear.

With your dedicated help, NTUC Health can continue to support the seniors in our community.

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Volunteer roles available

Whether you want to volunteer your time as an individual or with a group, we provide opportunities for volunteers with a wide array of backgrounds and skills to help with activity coordination, hairdressing, home visiting, befriending and more.

Corporate organisations exploring a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project are also invited to join us!

  • About the Role
    To facilitate activities for seniors that encourage healthy community living, socialisation and education.

    • Prepare, coordinate and conduct activities (e.g. Art & Craft, movie screening, games and festive celebrations, classes and workshops)
    • Set up activity venues and serve meals to seniors
    • Ensure their safety during activity

    Suitable Skills

    • Ability to speak the Mother Tongue and one dialect.
    • Have a specialised skill/interest e.g. Karaoke, Exercise, Art and Craft
    • Preferably able to provide equipment for activity
  • About the Role
    To conduct regular home visits to vulnerable and home-bound seniors to ensure their wellbeing. Orientation and training will be provided.

    • Provide emotional support and regular companionship
    • Create bonds with seniors to encourage social ties and engage with their community
    • Take note of their needs and provide feedback to volunteer coordinator

    Suitable Skills

    • Ability to speak in English, Mother Tongue, and one dialect
    • Ability to write and read simple English
    • Friendly, good listening and communication skills, caring nature
  • About the Role
    To assist in the planning and execution of social outings and events.

    • Ensure the safety of seniors during event
    • Assist in conducting activities at places of interest (e.g. Zoo, Gardens by the Bay)
    • Provide or facilitate transport for seniors from their homes
    • Engage and befriend seniors with lively conversation

    Suitable Skills

    • Ability to speak in Mother Tongue, and one dialect
  • About the Role
    To accompany senior residents for visits to the doctor.

    • Escort residents for medical check-ups
    • Pay attention to the instructions given by doctors and assist in compliance
    • Interact with residents to put them at ease and brighten their day

    Suitable Skills

    • Comfortable with handling wheelchair bound seniors.
    • Ability to speak in English, Mother Tongue, and one dialect
  • About the Role
    Perform hairdressing for seniors.

    • Duties include trimming, setting, braiding and washing hair

    Suitable Skills

    • Comfortable with handling wheelchair bound seniors.
    • Ability to speak in English, Mother Tongue, and one dialect
  • About the Role
    To assist in daily sanitation of our senior centres.

    • Carry out simple cleaning of equipment, festival decorations, fans, etc
    • Handle renovation preparations
    • Assist in moving furniture

    Suitable Skills

    • Have experience in domestic household chores
    • Physically fit and able to carry heavy objects (5-10kg)

Part-time roles available

Join us as a part-time staff to support seniors in the community
We are looking for part-time staff to join our NTUC Health family! Join us to touch the lives of seniors and to enable the Ageless Senior – where all seniors can continue to live fulfilling lives.

If you’re looking to spend your time meaningfully and wish to support our centres as a part-time staff, learn more about our part-time roles below.

  • About the Role

    This role is to be the point of contact for seniors in the neighbourhood block(s) assigned.

    • To be the point of contact for seniors should they need emergency help
    • To collect feedback from the residents and share with Active Ageing Centre staff
    • To work with Active Ageing Centre staff to update and encourage seniors to participate in activities/programs organised by the Centre
    • To share with residents on updates and information on government support/schemes

    Apply to be a Neighbourhood Friend here

  • About the Role

    This role is to provide outreach and support to our seniors in active ageing, befriending and care referrals.

    The work in our Active Ageing Centres involves:

    • Support attendance recording and registration of existing and new seniors
    • Support safe-entry checks, temperature and travel history recording
    • Support outreach to attract more seniors to join the centre
    • Carry out home visits and help with the community screening requirement for our seniors
    • Provide ad-hoc accompanying of vulnerable seniors for their medical appointments
    • Provide monitoring of seniors’ medication compliance and assist with their health check (eg. blood pressure, weight/BMI checks, etc) at the self-help stations
    • Work with staff to support the food rations distribution
    • Support any other duties as assigned when staff are on-leave/away and unable to attend to the seniors’ needs and enquiries

    Apply to be an Active Ageing Centre Support staff here

  • About the Role

    This role is to conduct home-based simple exercises for the seniors at their homes. You will be required to conduct motion exercises prescribed and trained by therapists to strengthen the seniors’ joints and muscles.

    Apply to be an Exercise Buddy here

  • About the Role

    This role is to assist seniors who are not able to leave their homes easily with the running of errands and grocery shopping. You will be required to assist with simple errands and carrying of heavy bags of groceries.

    Apply to be an Errand Runner here

  • About the Role

    This role is to carry out light housekeeping at the seniors’ houses to ensure the cleanliness and tidiness of the home environment.

    Apply to be an Helpful Housekeeper here

How to register as a volunteer

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To register as a volunteer, please fill in the Volunteer (Individual/ Group) Registration Form below:

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