Respite Care

Caring for an elderly loved one can be a demanding task, both physically and emotionally. Over time, caregivers may face burnout that may lead to a lower quality of life for themselves and those they care for.

Respite care can help prevent caregiver burnout by giving you, the caregiver, a breather from your duties. It can also provide some much-needed time for you to look after your own health and wellbeing, or attend to other important commitments.

Give yourself peace of mind when you need to take a break, or when your domestic helper goes on leave by planning ahead with these short-term respite care options:


Home Care

If you need extra help to look after your loved one at home, such as when your domestic helper is away on home leave, or if you need to go for your own medical appointment and run errands, our Home Care team has you covered with home personal care services. Our dedicated Care Associates can help with activities of daily living, companionship and exercise while you step out for a much needed break.

Does your loved one require more specialised help? Our nurses, therapists and doctors are also available to visit your loved one at home.

Senior Day Care

For seniors who require supervision or assistance in their ADLs, they can join us at our Day Centres for Seniors for just a few days a week, for exercises and programmes designed to maintain their physical and cognitive functions.

Enquire directly with Senior Day Care for short-term respite care arrangements.

Other flexible care arrangements, such as a 3-hour Enriched Programme specially designed for seniors with mild dementia, or an exclusive home-based online DayCare+ programme are also available to keep your loved ones engaged and active while you get the respite you need. We also offer our Care on Sundays programme where seniors can enjoy activities at selected Day Centres for Seniors even during weekends.


Nursing Home

For seniors who require assistance in most ADLs and have high nursing care needs where caregivers are needed at night, they can consider our nursing homes. At our nursing homes, seniors who are bedbound or require round-the-clock assistance can receive the care they need. Our facilities have been designed to provide a warm and welcoming environment, while our friendly care concierges serve as a single point of contact for you and your loved one.

We provide both government-subsidised care as well as private respite care services. Clients interested in private respite care may register your interest here.

Admissions are subject to the availability of bed spaces. Residents who are admitted to our nursing homes for respite care can stay for a minimum of 7 days and maximum of 30 days. There must be a discharge care plan for your loved one at the end of the respite care period.

Go Respite

Go Respite is a programme by AIC that encourages caregivers to plan ahead and identify a suitable respite option. This is not a suitable care option for urgent respite care.


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