Stroke Recovery

Have a loved one who just experienced a stroke? Begin the recovery process as early as possible to increase your his/her chances of regaining affected brain and body function. Find the stroke recovery care that your loved one needs with our range of award-winning services and professional experts!


Stroke Therapy

Stroke therapy benefits your loved one right after a stroke; therapy sessions should start soon right after a stroke occurs. Our stroke rehabilitation therapists can craft a stroke rehabilitation plan for your loved one to maximise post-stroke mobility and strength. Stroke Physiotherapy can support your loved one with post-stroke exercise and improve his/her strength and motor skills. Stroke Rehabilitation can help with the relearning of lost function and skill. With Occupational Therapy, your loved one can learn from our occupational therapists on how to use assistive devices such as wheelchairs or walking canes to get around for daily activities. Having a focus on exercising the face, mouth, and throat muscles, Stroke Speech Therapy can help your loved one to improve swallowing, speak with greater clarity and understand others better.
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Home Care

Through our Home Care Services, we provide a wide range of care solutions for stroke recovery from the comfort of your own home. Care associates from our Home Personal Care team can help your loved one with bathing, toileting and medical escort. Nurses from Home Nursing can help to provide stoma care, wound dressing, feeding tube changes and assist your loved one with other post-surgery needs. Doctors from Home Medical can take house calls to help your loved one keep track of his/her stroke recovery progress and give specific advice. For short-term nursing care, we have an Interim Caregiver Service.
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Senior Day Care

In the months after a stroke, perhaps your loved one might need support in his/her recovery while you are at work. Our Senior Day Care's Day Rehabilitation service can help to take care of your loved one, especially if he/she has had a mild stroke. As staff are around to look out for your loved one, fall frequency due to partial paralysis after a stroke can be reduced. Our staff can help them move about safely, support them in their activities of daily living such as toileting and taking medication, and help them with exercise to reduce the chance of a second stroke or prevent post-stroke complications. Your loved one can also engage in fun social activities at our Senior Day Care.
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Nursing Home

At our Nursing Homes, your loved one who has experienced a debilitating stroke can receive round-the-clock specialised care in a healing environment. Nursing care such as stoma care, feeding tube changes, wound dressing from surgery and other post-stroke nursing procedures can be provided. We offer engaging activities to keep your loved ones stimulated, and intensive physiotherapy to improve their functional abilities where possible. Symptom management and your loved one's nutritional needs can also be taken care of.

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