Care for Caregivers

On this journey of caring for your senior loved ones, don’t forget to take care of yourself. We are right beside you and always ready to lend a hand.

Providing Care for Caregivers

Who is a caregiver

A caregiver, often regarded as a pillar of support and compassion, is an individual who regularly looks after a child, elderly person, or someone who is chronically ill or disabled. This role requires patience, resilience, and a deep-seated commitment, as caregivers are often need to manage a multitude of responsibilities, ranging from medical tasks like administering medication, to household chores, to emotional support. Their role ensures the overall health, safety, and well-being of the person they are caring for.

Why do caregivers of seniors need support

Caregivers of seniors, while dedicated to providing for the needs of their care recipients, also require care and support. This necessity stems from the physical and emotional strain associated with long-term caregiving. Caregivers often experience stress, fatigue, and burnout due to the constant demands of their role. Further, they may neglect their personal health and well-being, leading to a higher risk of physical ailments and mental health conditions, such as depression and anxiety. Support for caregivers can come in various forms, including respite care, caregiver support groups, and training and educational resources - all of these provide support, and contribute to the sustainability and quality of care they provide.



Respite Care

Caring for a loved one is a demanding task, both physically and emotionally especially if a loved one requires attention 24/7. Sometimes caregivers themselves may have medical appointments, social activities or other important commitments. The foreign domestic helper may also go on leave. Besides, a caregiver might also need a break as attending to someone round the clock is not an easy task. Respite Care, also known as short-term care, allows caregivers to take a break from caregiving. This could be from several hours a day to a few weeks, for instance, if caregivers need to travel overseas.


Home Care

If you need extra help to look after your loved one at home, when your domestic helper is away on home leave, or if you need to go for your own medical appointment and run errands, our Home Care team has you covered with home personal care services. Our dedicated Care Associates can help with activities of daily living (ADLs), companionship and exercise while you step out for a much needed break.

If your loved one requires specialised help, our nurses, therapists and doctors are also available to visit your loved one at home.


Senior Day Care

For seniors who require supervision or assistance in their ADLs, they can join us at our Day Centres for Seniors for just a few days a week, for exercises and programmes designed to maintain their physical and cognitive functions.

Enquire directly with Senior Day Care for short-term respite care arrangements.

Other flexible care arrangements, such as our 3-hour Fun with Friends programme specially designed for seniors with mild dementia, or an exclusive home-based online DayCare+ programme are also available to keep your loved ones engaged and active while you get the respite you need. We also offer our Care on Sundays programme where seniors can enjoy activities at selected Day Centres for Seniors even during weekends.


Nursing Home

For seniors who require assistance in most ADLs and have high nursing care needs where caregivers are needed at night, they can consider our nursing homes. At our nursing homes, seniors who are bedbound or require round-the-clock assistance can receive the care they need. Our facilities have been designed to provide a warm and welcoming environment, while our friendly care concierges serve as a single point of contact for you and your loved one.

We provide both government-subsidised care as well as private respite care services. Clients interested in private respite care may register your interest here.

Admissions are subject to the availability of bed spaces.


Flexible Care

Our flexible care arrangements allow for more in-centre and home-based options to support seniors who are new to caregiving services or who require help for just a few hours in the day.


Care on Sundays

Our new service, Care on Sundays, provides support to caregivers who need to take a break, or when their domestic helpers are away.



Engage your senior loved ones virtually with DayCare+ which provides a range of activities for the senior at the comfort of their own home.


Fun with Friends

Specifically for persons with mild cognitive impairment or mild dementia, Fun with Friends, offers activities to maintain and improve your loved one’s mental and physical functions, while keeping them engaged in a small group setting.


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Other Resources

As our parents age, we may find ourselves thrust into the role of a caregiver. It is common to feel frustrated and helpless as we struggle to provide for the needs of someone else as well as fulfill our own responsibilities at work and our families.

While the caregiving journey is never easy, you don’t have to do it alone. There are many others walking the same path as you. NTUC Health is here to support you with what you need to provide the best care to your senior loved ones while maintaining your own balance in life.

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