Parkinson's Care

Are you caring for a loved one with Parkinson's Disease? Find the help you need by turning to our professional care and therapy services, so that you and your loved ones have peace of mind and support during the caregiving journey.



Rehabilitation and therapy can help your loved one stay mobile and maintain his/her communication skills as the disease progresses. Occupational Therapy can help your loved one maximise his/her mobility, reduce fall frequency and improve quality of life. Physiotherapy would help his/her exercise different parts of the body, relieve pain, improve muscle strength, joint range and mobility. Speech Therapy can help with exercising the face, mouth and throat muscles for improved swallowing and better communication.

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Home Care

With Home Care Services we bring the joy of companionship, regular exercise and professional care right to your doorstep. In the early stages of Parkinson's disease, our trained caregivers can support your loved one to live well at home. They can provide your loved one with medication reminders and supervision. They can also assist your loved one in his/her activities of daily living. We also provide medical escort services if your loved one needs to visit a doctor or Home Medical services for house calls with a doctor.

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Nursing Home

At our Nursing Homes, our dedicated care staff can provide the 24-7 support needed to manage and reduce complications due to advanced Parkinson’s. They can help your loved one with activities of daily living, physiotherapy to improve mobility and support your loved one in preventing complications from bed rest.

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Senior Day Care

At our Senior Day Care's Day Rehabilitation, your loved one can benefit from care services and rehabilitation. Physiotherapy can help with the slowing of movement and balance problems that comes with Parkinson's. Falls can be prevented as our trained caregivers can assist your loved one with moving about safely. Your loved one can also make new friends at our Senior Day Care.

To enroll, call us @ 6715 6762

Active Ageing

With our Circuit Training Focus fitness programme, you can take part in our small-group exercises guided by our professional trainers, to maintain your flexibility, balance, strength and possibly delay the progression of Parkinson’s Disease:


Circuit Training Focus classes start from $35 per session. To ensure your safety, participants are subject to an assessment before joining the programme.

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