Our Purpose

Health for Life: Enable healthy and fulfilling years

Our Shared Values

We strive to achieve our purpose through these six values below:

Be your best self at work

Do the right thing

Respect differences

Pursue possibilities

Put the client first

Collaborate to win


Who we are

NTUC Health Co-operative Limited (NTUC Health) is an NTUC social enterprise that provides a comprehensive and integrated suite of quality and affordable health and elderly care services to meet the growing needs of families and their dependents. Building on more than five decades of experience and expertise, NTUC Health is among the largest senior day care, nursing home, and home personal care providers in Singapore. We also offer other services for seniors such as active ageing centres, community support for vulnerable seniors, and a sheltered senior group home. In addition, we run a chain of dental clinics and a family medicine clinic.


Elderly care services

NTUC Health’s elderly care services, delivered previously through NTUC Eldercare, were first introduced to Singapore in 1997 to provide affordable elderly care services to middle income households. It works closely with the government, and has partnered with them over the years to initiate pilot projects for the elderly care sector.

This includes a pilot project for home care services in 2007 to enable frail elderly to age in the comfort and familiarity of their own homes. Our day centre for Seniors in Serangoon was among the first centres in Singapore to introduce weekend respite care services and our day care centres were also the first to offer a more comprehensive range of services including active rehabilitation, community nursing and dementia care. Today, NTUC Health is also one of the largest providers of home care services in Singapore.


Healthcare services

NTUC Health Denticare, previously known as Unity Denticare, was set up in 1971 to provide affordable dental services to workers. Today, it remains true to its social mission; offering a comprehensive array of dental services with prices benchmarked against key service providers in the industry, and costs kept low through bulk purchasing to ensure affordability.

NTUC Health also operates a Family Medicine Clinic to meet the health and medical needs of families and their loved ones. NTUC Health Family Medicine Clinic, previously known as Unity Family Medicine Clinic, is supported by qualified family physicians, nurses and allied healthcare professionals who are there to help patients manage long term chronic conditions such as diabetes or high-blood pressure.


Community outreach

NTUC Health continues to live out its social mission through community outreach such as free health and dental checks for vulnerable groups in our society, running a sheltered home for seniors in need, and providing public education on healthcare and elderly care issues.


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