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By helping seniors live without the constraints of age, we nurture the Ageless Senior philosophy and encourage enthusiasm for living life to the fullest.

We believe that everyone has a story to tell, and each year that passes makes that story so much richer and more interesting! In fact, every stage in life holds fresh opportunities to develop interests, make new friends, pursue your dreams and most importantly, embrace who you are.

No matter your age or physical condition, life should be filled with purpose and passion. Who would you love to spend time with? What do you want to learn? Explore what your later years can look like, alongside some seniors who are living agelessly.

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Read stories of joy, community and self-discovery, and be inspired to spend your days confidently doing what you love.


Embracing friendship and the spirit of learning

At 83, Mdm Chu Siu Lin is still doing what she does best – performing! The daughter of a renowned dance troupe leader, Mdm Chu’s dance career began at 9 years old. She graced the stages of Shanghai and Hong Kong, and even choreographed performances for Chingay parades.

However, being a volunteer dance teacher at NTUC Health's Active Ageing Centre (Care) (Bukit Batok West) has brought her more fulfilment than she ever had before.

Mdm Chu came across the Active Ageing Centre while exploring her neighbourhood in Bukit Batok one morning, and it was love at first sight. She immediately felt embraced by the caring community of seniors, who also inspired her with their eagerness to learn new skills.

The emotional support from this new-found family led her not only to volunteer her expertise as a dance teacher, but also participate in classes for K-pop dance, yoga and conversational English!


Sharing joy through music

Mr Abdul Rahim is happiest when he sings. He particularly enjoys Elvis Presley songs ever since joining a band in his youth. Now 74, he never hesitates to belt out a tune to fellow residents at NTUC Health’s nursing home in Jurong West.

So when he was approached to join Tian Mi Mi, a resident-led singing group, he decided to take his passion for singing to a new level.

Named after the beloved song by Teresa Teng, the 11-member Tian Mi Mi group rehearses regularly and holds performances for fellow residents, volunteers and even the public. The audience’s enthusiastic response during their Christmas performance at Jurong Spring Constituency was a great encouragement for the group, spurring them on to improve and grow.

Mr Rahim proudly dons the group’s trademark Hawaiian shirt and sings with gusto during each rehearsal and performance, knowing that his voice brings joy to those who hear him.

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