Improve muscle strength, flexibility and mobility under the guidance of our professional physiotherapists.

Our goal with physiotherapy is to help you regain mobility and physical functions after an injury, fall or surgery.

Under the guidance of our experienced therapists, engage in a series of exercises that will not only relieve pain, but also improve muscle strength, joint range and mobility.

    • If you need to improve your physical function and mobility after a major illness, surgery and/or injury so you can perform your daily activities at home, at work or during recreational activities
    • If you have balance issues/previous falls and want to prevent subsequent falls
    • If you have joint pain or weakness that is limiting your daily activities
    • If you want to improve your wellness through exercise
  • Our Physiotherapists will conduct a comprehensive interview with you on your present concerns and rehabilitation goals.

    Next, they will perform a physical assessment, comprising of palpation, range of motion, strength tests, clinical tests and functional assessments such as sitting balance, walking etc, to determine your problem list and diagnosis.

    They will then provide treatment and advice on exercise, activity modifications and pain management where necessary. Your treatment options may consist of either one or more of these:

    • Movement and balance training
    • Endurance training
    • Strength training
    • Falls prevention techniques and recovery
    • Health and wellness education
    • Pain management
    • Advice on posture and lifting techniques
    • Caregiver training

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