Need help caring for loved ones recovering from stroke?

What is good for stroke recovery? Let us help you find the care that you need with our range of award-winning services and professional experts. Speak to us today to find out more!


Senior Day Care

Worried about leaving your loved ones alone at home while you are at work?

At our day centres for seniors, trained professionals will engage your loved one while helping them make new friends.

Senior Day Care gives your loved ones’ access to:

  • Art and crafts, games, karaoke
  • Basic care needs such as support with activities of daily living, nutrition management, wound management, medication reminder and administration
  • Daily exercises such as stretching, moving around and strengthening activities for their stroke recovery
  • Festive celebrations
  • Recreational activities such as inter-generational activities

Service fees range from $1,000 to $1,600 per month.

Fees exclude additional services such as clinical assessment and treatment, medical escort, rehabilitation, transport, and are before government subsidy (where eligible).



Rehab and Wellness

Need assistance with helping your loved ones regain physical strength, endurance and mobility?

Our physio, occupational and speech therapists can help to tailor a personalised rehabilitation plan for your loved ones’ stroke recovery.

Give your loved ones access to:

  • Physiotherapy: Exercises for different parts of the body to relieve pain, improve muscle strength, joint range and mobility.
  • Occupational Therapy: Helps individuals regain independence by teaching them how to adapt and continue to perform activities of daily living e.g. getting dressed, going to the toilet, preparing a meal
  • Speech Therapy: By exercising face, mouth and throat muscles, individuals re-learn how to communicate, eat and drink again.

For preventive programmes at Tango, our fees start from $158 for twelve sessions. For Home Therapy, fees start from $27 per visit with subsidy, and $134 per visit without subsidies. Please note that these are general guidelines, and actual fees may vary depending on your requirements. 



Home Care

Are you overwhelmed by your caregiving responsibilities? We can help.

Let us care for your loved one and support their stroke recovery, with services like showering, alongside with a variety of caregiving services.

 Give your loved ones access to:

Fees vary for each service. 

  • Home Personal Care (from $4 per hour(subsidised)/ $22 per hour (unsubsidised))
  • Home Nursing (from $25 – $125 per hour)
  • Home Therapy (from $27 – $134 per visit)
  • Home Medical (from $57 – $288 per visit). 
  • Interim Caregiver Service (from $187 per single day shift (subsidised) to $722 per single day shift (unsubsidised)


Nursing Home

Does your loved one need attentive and professional round-the-clock care?

At our nursing homes, our dedicated and caring staff have been trained to provide the 24-7 support needed for stroke patients.

Give your loved ones access to:

  • Round-the-clock nursing care for stroke patients
  • Intensive physiotherapy for residents with the potential to return home
  • Therapeutic gardening, hand spa massage and pet therapy amongst others, to soothe dementia-related stress and anxiety
  • Entertaining activities like gardening, karaoke, art and crafts
  • Interactive day spaces to provide sensory stimulation for residents

Monthly fees range from $700 to $4,000/month (depending on your eligibility for MOH subsidy). Fees exclude additional charges such as admission fee and a refundable deposit.

Contact us or reach out to your medical social worker for financial counselling to get a more detailed breakdown of costs.

Before and after my surgery, my physiotherapist’s loving care and counselling motivated me to be positive and optimistic. He even visited me in the hospital and at home, and often invited me for outdoor activities.
Ravindran s/o Narayanan, Rehab & Wellness client
Please convey my thanks to Aruna who had helped my mum with her therapy. She is now doing very well and is able to walk steadily with the walking frame.
Home Therapy client
Everyone here is like family – we laugh together and share knowledge with one another. With the help of the staff, I am committed to do my utmost to recover.
Buvaneswaran S/O Gunasengran, Rehab & Wellness client


Here are some answers to frequently asked questions regarding stroke recovery.

We provide a range of opportunities for your loved one to regain mobility and strength at NTUC Health.

Our Senior Day Care centres conduct Day Rehabilitation programmes for seniors.

This includes physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. Our fun and engaging programmes will also keep your senior socially and mentally active during the day. All these activities will be able to improve his or her stroke recovery process.

Home Care Services at NTUC Health will also help to keep your senior well taken care of during the day, and our Home Therapy services could aid in the stroke recovery of your loved one.

Our caregiving services are tailored to your loved one’s needs. If your loved one requires help with their daily activities, our interim caregiver services will include Home Personal Care. If your loved one needs help with recovering after being discharged from the hospital, our services may include Home Nursing instead.

Do contact us here to find out what kind of interim caregiver services your loved one needs the most.

We do have care staff who are conversant in different languages, and your senior will be able to communicate freely and comfortably with our staff.

However, we may not always have the right match of dialect speaking staff available.

In that case, our staff may approach family members or the caregiver to support certain sessions.

Our Day Rehabilitation and Wellness centres provide session-based rehabilitation that includes Physiotherapy/ Occupational therapy for up to 60 minutes. The type of therapy provided will be based on your loved one’ needs.
If you loved one requires round the clock clinical care, or has increasing care needs that you or your domestic helper cannot meet, she may be eligible for our nursing homes.

Do approach us here for more information regarding admission.

Yes, we do have short-term nursing home stay.

It can range from a week to 15 months, depending on your seniors’ conditions.

You can find out more here, and talk to your medical social worker for more information.

Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents may be eligible for government subsidies and financial assistance, depending on the monthly household income per person, amongst other criteria.

The amount of subsidy will be determined through the National Means Testing System (NMTS). You can also apply for the Seniors’ Mobility and Enabling Fund (SMF) if your senior requires assistance with moving around.

To find out if you are eligible for subsidies and financial assistance, you can also visit our Subsidies page for more information. For further queries, please call 6715 6762.

Yes, regardless of subsidies, we will still provide stroke recovery care for loved ones that have been medically assessed to be suitable for all our services.

However, this is still subjected to space availability. Do contact us here to assess your loved one’s eligibility.

No, we no longer provide caregiving training for domestic helpers.
Yes, for your loved one can attend rehabilitation at our Senior Day Care to improve their functional mobility and manage their pain. We have stroke rehabilitation exercises conducted by professionals to help them with their stroke recovery.
The stroke rehabilitation exercises will have to be tailored to the needs of your loved one. This regime will include strengthening and motor retraining, which improve the movement coordination and control, postural, and balance of your loved one.

For professional assistance, do get in touch with our Senior Day Care, Nursing Home or Home Care Services staff. Our staff are trained to guide seniors through safe and moderate exercises.

Home Care

Our Home Care services can help your loved one to recover comfortably in their home, through a range of services like supporting them with their daily living activities, or improving their mobility through therapy.

Nursing Home

You can also choose to enrol your loved one in our nursing home for a short term stay. The stay will include stroke rehabilitation exercises to help them get stronger before they go home.

Senior Day Care

We also provide day rehabilitation for seniors who require therapy.



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