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Mr Fong Goes To Work

Published on 26 May 2022


Mr Fong keeps his mind engaged by carrying out simple chores at the centre.

58-year-old Mr Fong Ah Chai is a busy man. Starting as early as 11am daily, he works on a fixed schedule of tasks at our Day Centre for Seniors at Kampung Admiralty. These tasks include helping to serve water and lunch to fellow clients, folding blankets after nap time, disinfecting materials such as table surfaces and lanyards in the afternoon, and preparing art and craft materials for use the next day.


Mr Fong received a certification of appreciation for completing the THOR™ programme!

As one of the first participants in our THOR™ (Therapy Through Occupational Roles) programme, designed for patients with mild dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, Mr Fong now looks forward to coming to the centre. He feels a sense of accomplishment at the end of each day when he has completed his tasks. THOR was piloted for people with early dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. The programme empowers them via purposeful engagement in occupational roles within the centres such as housekeeping or meal serving. THOR aims to slow the decline of cognitive and physical functions by promoting a sense of purpose and dignity.

“I feel happy doing these tasks, especially when staff and fellow clients say thank you to me.”

Mr Fong

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