Teeth Whitening Costs and Options in Singapore

Published on 01 Jan 2023

In-office teeth whitening is a common option among those who want a brighter smile.

Teeth whitening is a popular dental procedure that involves removing teeth stains to help achieve a brighter, healthier-looking smile. Many people choose to whiten their teeth in anticipation of an important event, such as a job interview, wedding shoot or class reunion. After all, a brighter smile just gives you that extra boost of confidence and helps to create a positive first impression. While there are many options available, not all whitening treatments use the same procedure or offer the same results. The cost of the treatment can vary as well.

If you are planning to whiten your teeth, it can be hard to know where to begin. Here’s a handy guide for the budget-conscious.

Teeth whitening treatment fees and subsidies

If you are looking to find out how much teeth whitening treatments cost, you might find that the cost of teeth whitening can vary considerably. This is because the price of each teeth whitening treatment is dependent on the type of procedure and the whitening products and dental instruments used.

At NTUC Health Denticare, we offer affordable teeth whitening services.

How much are teeth whitening procedures at NTUC Health Denticare?

Take-home teeth whitening kits start from $500, and in-office whitening treatments start from $900. Scaling and polishing during a regular dental checkup can range from $50 to $110, while for those who have more extensive stains or chipped, damaged teeth, you may also opt for porcelain veneers, which start from $720.

Refer to the handy table below for comparing the costs of teeth whitening procedures at NTUC Health Denticare:

Scaling and polishing*$60.00 to $140.00
Polishing (Heavy staining)$25.00
Polishing (Prophy-Jet)$25.00
Topical fluoride application$30.00
Take-home whitening kit**From $500.00
Bleaching trayFrom $100.00 per arch
Whitening gel$230
In-office whitening treatmentFrom $950.00

* During the consultation, our dentist may recommend necessary scaling and polishing procedures for you. Additional fees may apply for heavily stained teeth, or if there is a need to use the Prophy-Jet (an air-polishing system). The dentist may also recommend the application of desensitising gels or topical fluoride, which helps prevent dental erosion.

** While each take-home whitening kit includes a set of custom-made bleaching trays and whitening gel, you can choose to purchase replacements or refills from our dental clinics.

These prices are exclusive of GST and correct at the time of publishing. Please check with our clinics for the latest prices.

Are there subsidies for teeth whitening procedures?

CHAS Blue, Merdeka Generation and Pioneer Generation card holders are entitled to CHAS subsidies for scaling and polishing respectively (up to twice per calendar year).

Here’s a table to refer to the subsidies for scaling and polishing:

Dental ServiceCHAS OrangeCHAS BlueMerdeka GenerationPioneer Generation

Do note that there are no CHAS subsidies for both in-office and take-home whitening treatments. For more details, visit the CHAS website. Do note that whitening kits, in-office teeth whitening services and veneers are not MediSave-claimable.

Comparing teeth whitening treatment options

If you opt for in-office whitening, the dentist will be able to help you protect your gums from the active ingredients in the whitening gel with a silicone gum mask

To help you weigh your options, we have summarised the various whitening treatment options in the table below:

Scaling & PolishingPros
  • Preventive treatment that may help to reduce the appearance and build up of surface stains (e.g. coffee/tea) around and at the back of the teeth
  • Improves oral health and reduces the risk of gingivitis, gum disease and dental decay
  • Recommended twice-yearly procedure
  • Will not whiten the overall shade of the tooth
Cost: $60 to $140, depending on the procedure
Take-Home Whitening KitPros
  • Gradual whitening results allow greater control over the desired shade
  • Can whiten teeth on your own schedule during non-office hours
  • Lower incidence of tooth sensitivity due to lower concentrations of active ingredients (e.g. hydrogen peroxide)
  • May be inconvenient to prepare bleaching trays and gels each time
  • Takes 2-3 weeks to reach the desired shade
Cost: From $500.00, though additional whitening gel refills ($230 each) and bleaching trays (From $100) may have to be purchased
In-Office Teeth WhiteningPros
  • Fast results, visible in one hour
  • More noticeable results
  • Safe administration by professional dentists
  • Pay for each visit
  • Some people may experience tooth sensitivity for 24 hours after treatment
Cost: From $950

In general, in-office teeth whitening is often preferred by those with busy schedules, since the results are often more noticeable and can usually be achieved within a single visit. Those who prefer a more gradual change in the shade of their teeth may opt for the take-home whitening kits instead.


As you consider the various options, you may have some questions or concerns about various teeth whitening methods. You can find out more about these processes in our article Teeth Whitening 101: Comprehensive Guide to Teeth Whitening.

Discuss your teeth whitening treatment options with a professional dentist at NTUC Health Denticare. We will work with you to understand your teeth whitening goals and the condition of your teeth and gums, before recommending the treatment options that are most suited for you.

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