How to Apply to Work in Singapore as a Staff Nurse or Nursing Aide


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We offer our staff nurses training and development to ensure that your skills remain relevant. Our structured career progression path ensures that nurses who perform well have the chance to grow their nursing career with us.

Registration criteria for Singapore Nursing Board

  1. Minimum 2 years of relevant clinical nursing experience

  2. Only those with full-time clinical nursing experience in acute inpatient hospital settings and in the Emergency Department will be considered.

Clinical experience in the country of training is required. For example, a Philippines-trained nurse must have some clinical experience in the Philippines.

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Job application timeline for Staff Nurses


This timeline is for reference only. Actual duration may differ depending on individual circumstances and job position.


Join as a Nursing Aide

As a Nursing Aide, you will have the opportunity to choose to work in one of the various work settings, each with its unique benefits and challenges. Whether you choose to work in a day centre for seniors, home care, or a nursing home, you will play a crucial role in supporting and caring for our seniors to help them maintain a sense of purpose and enjoyment in life.

Working in a day centre for seniors will allow you to interact with a diverse group of individuals, promoting socialisation, engagement, and mind-stimulating activities.

If you prefer a more personalised approach, home care offers you the opportunity to work one-on-one with clients in the comfort of their own homes. This setting allows for a higher level of individualised care.

Working in a nursing home provides a supportive and structured environment where you can make a significant impact on the lives of residents. You will be part of a dedicated team, assisting with medical care, and ensuring the safety and well-being of the residents.

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Job application timeline for Nursing Aides


This timeline is for reference only. Actual duration may differ depending on individual circumstances and job position.

Hear from our foreign staff who came to Singapore to establish their career


A private nurse from the Philippines, Danica came to Singapore in 2016 to work in the healthcare sector.

I love how everyone here is friendly and warm toward each other. As a foreigner, I feel very welcomed. I love how everything is very established and I am heartened to see that the government takes care of its people, especially the seniors and most recently, us healthcare workers.

I relate very closely to NTUC Health’s mission and vision. Before I joined, I had asked around about its reputation and only heard positive things. This further encouraged my decision to join NTUC Health! So far, my journey here has been very enjoyable with some bouts of challenging moments. I am happy to be working with a good team and people who are striving to do their best every day, and open to learning from each other.

Danica Rojas

Nursing Aide, NTUC Health Nursing Home (Jurong West)


Gianelei, originally from the Philippines, has dedicated nearly 6 years of her professional life to working as a care staff in Singapore. She joined NTUC Health in 2021 as a Nursing Aide and is now promoted to Senior Nursing Aide.

In the nursing home, I get really attached to the residents as we spend so much time together. There was one whom I addressed lovingly as my “grandmother”. When she passed, I was so heartbroken. Her daughter, who addressed me as her “mei mei” (meaning sister in Mandarin), thanked me for the care I gave her mother.

These are the memories that I hold on tightly to, knowing that I made a difference in the lives of others. Being far away from home and my family can be difficult, and I sometimes find myself exhausted from work. But the smiles and gratitude from the residents and their families give me the strength to keep doing what I love.

Cachero Gianelei Cansino

Senior Nursing Aide, NTUC Health Nursing Home (Jurong West)

Why join NTUC Health?

A purpose-driven organisation
Training and scholarship opportunities to support your career development
A rewarding and meaningful role in supporting the community
Fair salary compensation (includes performance bonus)
Attractive career pathways

Diversity in the workplace

At NTUC Health, we believe that we can collaborate effectively only when we accept each other as individuals with unique backgrounds and personalities. In fact, it is these diverse experiences and cultures that spur new ideas and perspectives, and help us to improve.

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Work can be fun too!

Working with NTUC Health can be fun! Because we offer a wide variety of settings from senior day care, to home care and nursing home, there is an opportunity to find something that you enjoy or seek a change in an environment without having to leave the organisation.

For instance, our home care nurses travel around the island to serve clients at their homes, while our senior day care and nursing home staff get to engage with seniors throughout the day with activities and even go on excursions with them to tourists attractions while some work in a happy and joyful environment of active agers to promote healthy living! Regardless of your role, our strong foreign staff strength also means that you do not feel alone during the festivities, whether it is Songkran, Thingyan, or Christmas!


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