Full-body Workouts For Seniors: Is It Really Safe?

Published on 28 Dec 2021

Full-body workouts, such as high intensity interval training (HIIT) have been a trend in many gyms. Fitness classes like these are popular with the younger crowd, and with suitable adaptations, can also provide amazing benefits to the health and wellness of seniors! However, with so many free exercise routines readily available on YouTube and other apps, what are the benefits of physically attending a senior-friendly fitness class?

Aside from having access to senior-friendly equipment and a community of active and like-minded peers, seniors can stay on track with their fitness goals under the guidance of qualified trainers. Keep scrolling to find out more about the benefits of full-body workouts and how seniors can hop on a guided exercise regimen with our affordable fitness programmes!


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What are full-body workouts and how will they benefit me?

Full body workouts are exercises that work multiple muscle groups at once. They can also combine strength, balance and cardio training for a holistic workout. A good full-body workout trains the upper body, core and legs through different movements and incorporates short periods of rest.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Strengthen muscles: Building muscle strength helps to make everyday activities such as carrying groceries and climbing stairs easier.
  • Burn calories efficiently: By activating different muscle groups at a time, you can burn more calories per workout compared to focusing on one body part at a time¹. This can translate to more effective weight management, when paired with a healthy diet!
  • Improve muscle coordination and balance: Exercises like squats and lunges train you to stabilise your walking gait and balance to prevent falls.
  • Improve heart and lung function: With more muscle groups being activated during a full-body exercise, the heart and lungs work to provide oxygen to the muscles more effectively

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These exercises can also be easily modified based on ability and fitness level. Some examples of exercises include bodyweight training with the use of kettlebells, medicine balls and resistance bands for added challenge.

Are full-body workouts safe for seniors?

Joint pains, muscle stiffness and osteoporosis are some of the common ailments that get in the way of seniors working out regularly. But did you know that staying active is the key to strengthening joints and improving flexibility and bone density²?

The good news is that full-body workouts can be safe for seniors as long as these exercises are modified to the fitness levels and health conditions of older adults³. This includes using lighter weights for less stress on joints and muscles. To prevent fatigue, workouts may also include longer intervals of rest and fewer repetitions for each set of exercise.

A qualified trainer should also be experienced in guiding seniors through safe and effective exercises. He or she will also be able to assess their progress and spot the signs of accidental muscle or joint strain that would otherwise lead to injury.

Trainers can also adapt an exercise to your needs. For example, if you have sprained your wrist in the past, a good trainer will be able to provide modified exercises such as wall push ups rather than floor push ups, to avoid heavy pressure on the wrists.

Finally, it is also important for seniors to warm up and cool down with the right techniques before and after any kind of workout. This includes stretching muscle groups that will be activated during the workout, light exercise that get the blood pumping, and cool-down stretches to relieve tension and promote relaxation!


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How you can benefit from fitness classes at NTUC Health

NTUC Health's fitness classes are designed to help you achieve your fitness goals well into your later years. Choose from Circuit Training, Gym Tonic and Functional Strength Training to help you:

  • build muscle and strengthen bones and joints to keep you mobile
  • improve coordination for greater balance and agility
  • improve heart and lung health for greater endurance
  • boost metabolism to maintain a healthy weight
  • meet new friends, improve mood and stay motivated to exercise
  • pick up tips from our trainers to manage post-exercise recovery


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²Exercising with Arthritis (Source)
³Customised exercise programmes implemented by physical therapists improve self-efficacy and behavioural change in elderly (Source)

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