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Live healthy, live happy and live well

Are you ready to redefine the golden years and embark on a journey of vibrant living? Come join us at our Active Ageing Centres located islandwide!

Be it learning a new language, picking up skills to play a musical instrument, or communal dining with your neighbours, our programmes and activities are designed to inspire, energise, and celebrate joyful living with you.

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What’s Happening At Our Centres?


Learn Something New

Immerse yourself in the educational experience and be spoiled for choice with our extensive range of classes and workshops.

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Hang Out with Your Neighbours

Showcase your talent and sing your heart out during karaoke sessions. Or sign up for fun-filled day trips and group excursions organised by our community partners and organisations.

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Kickstart Your Fitness Journey

Dance to great music and show off your moves to get an awesome workout! Keep a lookout for free health screenings to make sure you remain in the pink of health.

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Revive the Kampung Spirit and Volunteer

Embrace the spirit of sharing and pay it forward by giving your time to help others. Be a good neighbour and share your skills by leading a class or an interest group!

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Be An Ageless Senior

At NTUC Health, we believe that age is just a number and that seniors can lead exciting, purpose-driven lives, doing the things they love.

We help seniors do this by developing community-based activities that promote active ageing and improve overall well being. We also provide opportunities for seniors to help others and give back with their time, experience, and skills.

Our goal is to make your life more fulfilling. That is why our community and volunteer activities are at the heart of what we do.

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You can live well and age well with us!


Join our Active Ageing Programmes

Ready to take the first step? Click here to explore our programmes or contact us for more information. Let's make your golden years your healthiest and happiest yet!


Be a Volunteer and show care for other seniors in the community

Do you enjoy interacting with seniors and seeing a smile on their faces? Find out more here.

For corporate volunteering, please contact us at

Kickstart your Active Ageing Journey with us today!


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