Home Therapy

Through our home therapy services, we provide specialised therapy for your loved ones at home to aid in the recovery of their functional activities and help them regain confidence and independence.

Depending on your needs, a qualified Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist or Speech Therapist will visit your home to assess, recommend and assist your loved ones with rehabilitation:

  • Assessment of rehabilitation needs
  • Design of treatment and rehabilitation plans
  • Exercises to improve performance of activities of daily living (e.g. bathing, feeding, toileting etc.)
  • Advice and instruction on the use of walking aids (e.g. crutches, frames, wheelchair, etc.)
  • Assessment of home safety and recommendation of home modifications
  • Exercises to improve articulation and communication or reduce swallowing difficulties


From $17.60/visit with subsidy
From $160/visit without subsidy

Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents who meet our admission criteria are eligible to apply for government subsidy. The amount of subsidy will be determined through a National Means Test.

For more information, please visit our subsidies page, or contact our helpline.

Monday to Friday (excluding Public Holidays) 9am – 6pm

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Home physiotherapy aims to help you regain mobility and functions to improve your quality of life, in the comfort of your home. With this in mind, our physiotherapy sessions focus on hands-on exercises for different parts of the body to relieve pain, improve muscle strength, joint range and mobility.

Types of Physiotherapy

GERIATRIC PHYSIOTHERAPY – to promote rehabilitation and wellness for seniors.

NEUROLOGICAL PHYSIOTHERAPY – to help those with stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, spinal cord injury, and other neurological conditions to optimise functional independence.

MUSCULOSKELETAL PHYSIOTHERAPY – to provide pain management and rehabilitation for conditions relating to bones, joints and muscles.

CARDIOPULMONARY PHYSIOTHERAPY – to provide chest therapy and cardiac rehabilitation for conditions such as asthma, chest infection, heart and lung disorders.

PHYSIOTHERAPY WITH EKSOSKELETON  an innovative robotic gait training for persons with neurological and gait disorders.

  • If you need to improve your physical function and mobility after a major illness, surgery and/or injury so you can perform your daily activities at home, at work or during recreational activities.
  • If you have balance issues/previous falls and want to prevent subsequent falls.
  • If you have joint pain or weakness that is limiting your daily activities.
  • If you want to improve your wellness through exercise.
Our Physiotherapists will conduct a comprehensive interview with you on your present concerns and rehabilitation goals.

Next, they will perform a physical assessment, comprising of palpation, range of motion, strength tests, clinical tests and functional assessments such as sitting balance, walking etc, to determine your problem list and diagnosis.

They will then provide treatment and advice on exercise, activity modifications and pain management where necessary.

Depending on your condition,  your treatment options may consist of either one or more of these:

  • Movement and balance training
  • Endurance training
  • Strength training
  • Falls prevention techniques and recovery
  • Health and wellness education
  • Pain management
  • Advice on posture and lifting techniques
  • Caregiver training


Occupational therapy aims to promote recovery and independence by helping individuals regain their ability in performing day-to-day tasks so they can seamlessly reintegrate back into their homes, work and society.

Types of Occupational Therapy

GERIATRIC REHABILITATION – to help seniors remain independent in their homes and community

HAND AND UPPER LIMB REHABILITATION  – to promote recovery of hand and upper limb functions

NEUROLOGICAL REHABILITATION – to help those with stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, and spinal cord injury to regain independence through retraining in activities of daily living, home assessments and modifications

MOTORISED DEVICE TRAINING – to prescribe and advise on the use of assistive devices

  • If you need to recondition your mobility after a major illness and/or injury so you can perform daily activities (e.g. bathing, feeding, toileting, meal preparation, medicine consumption, etc.) at home or at work
  • If you want to know how to prevent falls within your home environment
  • If you want to learn how to use assistive equipment (e.g. crutches, frames, wheelchair, etc.)
  • If you want to make home modifications
Our occupational therapists will assess the types of activities you regularly engage in (e.g. going to work, getting around, socialising) and determine how you can continue to participate given your current condition.

They will also provide advice on how to adapt to the task or modify the environment to best suit your needs.

Depending on your condition, our occupational therapists will develop a set of treatment options that may consist of either one or more of these:

  • Discussions with you and your family to set goals for your treatment
  • Re-training to perform daily activities e.g. feeding yourself, dressing for work, preparing a meal, etc.
  • Training on the use of Personal Mobility Aids (PMA)
  • Caregiver training
  • Assessment of home environment and recommendations on how to change it


Our speech therapy sessions are focused on managing the various conditions affecting the ability to communicate, eat and drink. By exercising the face, mouth and throat muscles, we help individuals improve swallowing, boost articulation and enhance understanding.

  • When you need to learn how to safely consume food and drink
  • When you need to better understand speech and articulate yourself e.g. during conversations
  • Training on swallowing of food and drinks
  • Training on how to converse, understand and engage in a conversation


After 8 sessions of home therapy, my Granny’s muscle strength and stamina have improved. Angel also went beyond her call of duty to recce my Granny’s residential area to find a senior activity centre that she can go to as she has just shifted here to stay with my uncle after her hospital discharge. Angel did not just help my Granny regain her physical strength, but also her mental health and confidence. We are more than thankful for her help!5 out of 5 stars
Ms Edna, caregiver of Mdm Sze



Prior to the start of service, a therapist will conduct a care assessment to assess the functional skills of your loved ones before developing a care plan that is tailored to their needs.



Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents who meet our admission criteria are eligible to apply for government subsidy. The amount of subsidy will be determined through a National Means Test.

For more information, please visit our subsidies page, or contact our helpline.



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