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Mdm Goh Steps Towards A Brighter Future

Published on 26 May 2022


Mdm Melinda Goh meets Senior Occupational Therapist Mr Too San Muan at NTUC Health’s Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy Centre (Henderson)

When 63 year-old homemaker Mdm Melinda Goh first came to NTUC Health in 2021, she was unable to stand unassisted for more than 15 seconds due to a neurological condition that affected the strength of her legs and balance, and used a wheelchair to move about the house. Her husband, John, took over as the primary caregiver to Mdm Goh and their daughter when the symptoms made it difficult for her to carry out household chores.

Despite the loving support she received, Mdm Goh wanted only one thing: to return to being able to cook and care for her family on her own terms. It was when John found NTUC Health’s Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy Centre near their home in Henderson that they met our team of therapists who were committed to help her work at regaining her independence.


Mdm Goh re-learns how to fold towels and wash dishes during an occupational therapy session

The rehabilitation team planned interventions that focused on improving Mdm Goh’s movement and mobility, which included weekly physiotherapy and occupational therapy sessions. Through these sessions, Mdm Goh worked on strengthening her lower limbs, improving her balance, relearning how to fold clothes and wash dishes, as well personal grooming. It was an uncertain and challenging time for Mdm Goh, who fought through her tears at the first few therapy sessions due to the anxiety of falling again.

Having witnessed Mdm Goh’s journey since she started rehabilitation, Senior Therapy Assistant Ama Georgina commended Mdm Goh on her progress. “She used to be afraid of falls, but as she gained confidence during her practice with us, she also made a lot of improvement in her functional abilities,” said Georgina.


Mdm Goh stands again!

After 6 months of hard work at therapy, Mdm Goh was able to stand and balance for up to half an hour without help, and was able to use a walking aid, rather than a wheelchair to move around. No longer did she have to rely on her husband, as she was also able to do the household laundry and prepare meals. Above all, Mdm Goh was happy and satisfied that she could provide her family with acts of service once again.

“I am very comforted and encouraged by the warm and loving personalities of the therapists during every visit. After every session, I can go home with a smile. They make me work hard at rehab, and I know it’s for my own health and well-being,” said Mdm Goh.

“Mdm Goh has improved a lot in her confidence and abilities. She felt at home in our centre and knew that she was in a safe environment. This played a big part in her journey toward recovery.”

Ms Ama Georgina

Senior Therapy Assistant

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