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Mdm Chua, a caregiver at 95

Published on 17 Jul 2023

Many would expect one’s children to be their caregiver and take care of them when they grow old. This is not the case for Mdm Chua, who at the age of 95, is still taking on the role of caregiver for her son.

Her son is 67 years old this year and has been intellectually challenged since birth and diagnosed with a mental health condition from a young age. He needs help with taking care of his basic needs. Every day, Mdm Chua would make sure he takes his medication on time, feed him and help him maintain personal hygiene. As her husband is no longer around and her other family members are not involved in his care, Mdm Chua has taken it upon herself to be her son’s sole caregiver. She personally sees to it that her son receives the care and attention he needs in order to live a normal life.

In 2019, Mdm Chua sustained three falls within five months, which significantly impacted her mobility. She now has to rely on a wheelchair to move around even at home, and outdoors on the rare occasions that she goes out. Nevertheless, this does not hold her back from caring for her son. Mdm Chua continues to keep an eye on her son, taking care of both their daily needs as much as she physically can. For tasks she is not able to do on her own, Mdm Chua counted on external help to assist her. At least three times every week, NTUC Health’s Home Care Services assistants help her with housekeeping and showering. In addition, they keep her engaged through various activities such as art and craft, and using Virtual Reality headsets to take her on virtual tours to various places of interest both locally and overseas. A group of student volunteers who have been helping mother and son for nearly a decade, would also visit them every Saturday to bring them out on errand runs and occasional outings. This support enables Mdm Chua and her son to continue aging at home.

Age did not deter Mdm Chua. When most would want to relax and enjoy their lives at such a ripe old age, Mdm Chua continues to work hard every day to care for her son. Her only wish is for him to be safe, healthy and well taken care of. That, for Mdm Chua, is more than enough for her to keep doing all that she does for her son, and for as long as she can.

In June 2023, Mdm Chua won the Family Caregiver’s Award held by Rotary Club of Singapore West.


AIC CEO Tan Kwang Cheak congratulates Mdm Chua on winning the award

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