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Are you looking to improve your muscle strength and flexibility? Or perhaps you are looking to manage your weight or maintain your fitness level as you grow older?

Located island-wide, our gyms offer a selection of strength-focused programmes led by qualified and experienced trainers. From Circuit Training, Gym Tonic to Functional Strength Training, our trainers will customise the intensity of the exercise to suit your abilities and ensure your safety and comfort.

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Circuit Training

Circuit Training is a low to moderate intensity muscle strengthening and endurance training programme that also improves balance and builds cardiovascular fitness. The programme uses specially designed HUR machines that are gentle on the joints and muscles.

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Circuit Training Focus

Circuit Training Focus is a low-intensity strength and balance training programme that is suited for seniors who are frail, in the early stages of neurological conditions, or for clients who are newly discharged from physiotherapy and looking for a long-term maintenance programme.

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Gym Tonic

Gym Tonic is an evidence-based, low intensity strength training programme that is specially designed for seniors to help restore, maintain or improve physical functions. Gym Tonic uses a five-piece set of senior-friendly, hydraulic machines from FREI.

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Functional Strength Training

Improve your muscle and core strength, mobility and flexibility with Functional Strength Training, a low to moderate intensity workout that focuses on five body movements, namely squatting, pulling, pushing, hingeing, and lifting. This programme incorporates both body weight such as core exercises, and fitness equipment such as dumbbells, resistance bands and medicine balls.

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Circuit Training Focus Circuit Training Gym Tonic Functional Strength Training
Class size 3 6 5 6
Equipment Gym machines Body weight and fitness equipment
Programme focus Strength
Physical functions
Aerobic / cardio
Physical function
Slow pace
Core strength
Locations Bukit Batok West, Ci Yuan, Heartbeat@Bedok, Jurong Spring, Kampung Admiralty, Radin Mas, Serangoon Central Jurong Central Plaza Bukit Batok West, Ci Yuan, Kampung Admiralty

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