Gym Tonic

Gym Tonic is an evidence-based, low intensity strength training programme that is specially designed for seniors to help restore, maintain or improve physical functions. Gym Tonic uses a five-piece set of senior-friendly, water pressure technology machines from FREI.

Through structured and supervised training in a group setting, this customised training programme helps participants build muscle mass and maintain strength. This can help to improve the performance of daily activities such as climbing the stairs or lifting an extra bag of groceries.

Each participant will be prescribed a programme according to their fitness level. A pre and post assessment will be conducted for a 24-session programme.

  • Gym Tonic is suitable if you:

    • prefer a slower pace, lower intensity and personalised programme

    • have been discharged from physiotherapy and want to maintain your fitness level

    • experience weak muscles or stiff joints, and want a strength training programme that allows for incremental strength improvements

    Gym Tonic will not be suitable if you:
    • are unable to move from machine to machine independently

    • have high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes, and are not on medication or treatment to control them

    • have any medical condition that may put you at risk when exercising

    • prefer a faster pace, moderate intensity programme to challenge yourself, in which you may consider our Circuit Training or Functional Strength Training

    • prefer a non-machine based exercise, in which you may consider our Functional Strength Training

  • Gym Tonic Lite: $215 ($18 per session)

    for 12 twice-weekly sessions (45 mins per session)
    The package has a validity period of 9 weeks from the date of sign-up.

    Gym Tonic Full: $360 ($15 per session)

    for 24 twice-weekly sessions (45 mins per session)
    The package has a validity period of 18 weeks from the date of sign-up.

    For NTUC Union members (applicable for first-timers only): 10% off
    (Valid till 31 Dec 2023. Terms and conditions apply. Click here to find out more.)

    A complimentary pre-class assessment will be conducted for first-timers.
    A post-class assessment will be conducted on the 24th session.

  • NTUC Health Active Ageing Hub (Jurong Central Plaza)
    Blk 493 Jurong West Street 41 #02-01 Singapore 640493
    Learn More
    Monday, Thursday
    9am - 5pm

    9am - 1pm

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