Winner - Best Active Ageing Programme - Community 2019
NTUC Health Active Ageing Hub offers a wide range of services for seniors, including senior day care and day rehabilitation services, as well as community and volunteer activities.
NTUC Health’s senior day care services supports families in caring for their elderly loved ones, in particular those with dementia. Apart from social activities and daily exercises, day centre for seniors also offers regular inter-generational programmes.

The Active Ageing Hub offers active rehabilitation therapy and maintenance exercises. Clients can also enrol in the Gym Tonic programme.

The Active Ageing Hub also offers a range of health and engagement programmes in partnership with various community partners including grassroots organisations, healthcare providers, as well as education and corporate organisations. The centre develops activities that promote active ageing, social integration, enhance self-care competencies, as well as create opportunities where seniors can learn new skills to contribute back to the community through volunteering. The centre also monitors the safety of studio apartment residents through the Alert Alarm System, and serves as information and referral points to government or other services for seniors should they need advice or assistance.

  • Active Ageing
  • Community and Volunteering


NTUC Health’s Active Ageing Hub aims to nurture ageless seniors by fostering a spirit of volunteerism. Through regular community activities, seniors are encouraged to give back and volunteer their time to help others while staying socially active. Examples of activities include caring for those who need help in the neighbourhood, cooking for each other and hosting of classes to teach or share experiences and skillsets. And with a host of workshops, programmes and interest groups such as rooftop gardening, seniors can easily pursue new skills, explore different interests or pick up new hobbies.


Designed to keep our seniors fit and independent, Active Ageing Hub offers a host of activities and care services including:


  • Maintenance day care
  • Dementia day care
  • Community nursing
  • Weekend / weekday respite care
  • Transport / transport escort service
  • Inter-generational Programmes (dining, exercise, reading, art and craft, music, etc)


  • Active rehabilitation therapy
  • Maintenance exercises
  • Gym Tonic programme
  • Rock & Roll programme


  • Home health services (medical and nursing services)
  • Home personal care and companion care
  • Housekeeping


With the aim of keeping our seniors active and mentally simulated, we offer a wide range of social activities, programmes and outings.

    • Community Activities

      • Inter-generational activities
      • Healthy cooking demonstrations
      • Community dining
      • Interest group activities
      • Classes and workshops (IT, language classes, etc)
      • Advance care planning
      • Retirement planning
      • Other social and recreational activities
    • Volunteer Opportunities

      • Makan kaki (a buddy to cook and eat together)
      • Jalan kaki (a buddy for activities & outings)
      • Dementia friend
      • Handyman
      • Exercise facilitator
      • Activity facilitator/assistant
    • Healthy Living

      • Health self-check station
      • Fall-risk and wellness screenings
      • Exercise and fitness programmes
      • Mental stimulation activities



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NTUC Health Active Ageing Hub (Bukit Batok West)

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NTUC Health Active Ageing Hub (Jurong Central Plaza)

Jurong West Street 41, #02-01 Blk 493, Singapore 640493
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NTUC Health Active Ageing Hub (Kampung Admiralty)

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