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Mr Law Looks Forward To Party After Seven

Published on 26 May 2022

When he was first admitted to our nursing home in Jurong West, 71-Year-old Mr Law Hock Kee was initially moody most of the time and reluctant to socialise with others. Taking part in daily activities and befriending fellow residents required much coaxing from our staff.


Mr Law dunks a basketball. The faces of other residents have been blurred for privacy.

When our nursing homes made “Fun After Seven” a daily programme across the wards, residents like Mr Law were won over. Today, he trades an early bedtime for social and recreational activities with his ward mates! Instead of simply preparing to go to bed after dinner, residents like Mr Law can spend the evening competing with each other over ball games, dedicating songs to each other and watching movie screenings.


Mr Law dunks a basketball. The faces of other residents have been blurred for privacy.

With a renewed interest to stay well, Mr Law now works hard together with our therapists to manage his Parkinson's Disease by strengthening his muscles and improving hand-eye coordination. Through his physiotherapy and group occupational therapy sessions three or more times a week, Mr Law makes the best of therapy so that he can care for himself.

“There are night time activities at the nursing home now. It’s very good and it encourages me to improve on my Parkinson's condition. I am able to help myself, shower, put on clothes, and even shave my moustache.”

Mr Law

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