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Address all your regular dental care needs, such as check-ups, scaling, fillings, or extractions in one place. With our wide range of general dentistry services, our dentists can craft a personalised plan for your oral health needs. You can rely on us to take care of your dental health and your smile, wherever you are in Singapore.


Have you been taking good care of your oral hygiene with brushing and flossing, only to see a stubborn pale yellow substance refusing to disappear from your teeth? This is common, as plaque and tartar can form even if you brush and floss regularly. Built up plaque and tartar is best removed by a dentist with professional dental instruments.

We recommend that you visit the dentist once or twice a year for dental scaling and polishing. Scaling is a routine procedure done to remove stubborn tartar and plaque build-up from below the gumline. After scaling, we will polish your teeth with a polishing paste and a rotating rubber cup (similar to an electric toothbrush), to improve the appearance of your teeth and remove bacteria.

This will help improve your oral health, clean surface stains from coffee, tea, red wine or tobacco use, and in the long run, reduce the risk of gingivitis, gum disease and dental decay.

You will leave us feeling clean, fresh and looking forward to the next appointment in just a few months!


Fillings can help to replace tooth structure that has been lost to decay or damage. For example, if a small piece of your tooth is chipped, fillings can repair and restore it to a normal function and appearance and stop further decay by providing a barrier against bacteria.

Fillings can also be used to close up small gaps between teeth and make them look symmetrical. We use a variety of materials such as amalgam, composite resin, and glass ionomer cement, which will look and feel just like your natural teeth.


When considering extraction, we will first assess the affected tooth to see if it can be saved through other procedures, such as root canal treatment or dental crowns.

If your teeth are affected by advanced gum disease, deep cracks, or are deeply decayed, it is likely that other treatments cannot preserve your teeth, and we may recommend having them extracted instead.

Alternatively, if you are about to start on dental braces, we may also recommend tooth extraction to create space and allow for better alignment of your teeth.

Rest assured that any extraction process will begin with an expert diagnosis and treatment plan.


Do you find yourself grinding your teeth at night or during stressful situations? Teeth grinding, or clenching, can wear down tooth enamel over time, and even lead to fractured teeth.

Mouth guards can help prevent further damage to your teeth. They are designed and customised to fit over either the upper or lower teeth. This will effectively prevent your upper and lower teeth from touching, and absorb impact between them.

Depending on when you tend to grind or clench your teeth, we will also recommend that you wear it at night, or even during the day. They are especially helpful during contact sports, by protecting your teeth from impact.

Our mouth guards will be just as thick as you need them in the right areas, and combine resilience with comfort. They should not interfere with speaking and breathing.



Consultation (GP) $25.00 – $35.00
Review (GP) $15.00 – $25.00
Consultation (Specialist) $40.00 – $90.00
Review (Specialist) $22.00 – $45.00
Consumables $6.00
Scaling & Polishing $50.00 – $110.00
Topical fluoride application $30.00
Polishing – Heavy Staining $25.00
Polishing – Prohyjet $25.00
Desensitisation $18.00
Amalgam (silver) filling $50.00 – $90.00
Composite (tooth colored) filling $56.00 – $140.00
Amalgam/Tooth-coloured Core $115.00 – $250.00
Composite Veneers $170.00
Extractions $65.00 – $190.00
Mouth guard From $350.00
X-Ray imaging $20.00 – $70.00

Earn 1 LinkPoint for every $2 spent at NTUC Health Denticare clinics. Terms and conditions apply.


Patients holding CHAS, Pioneer Generation or Merdeka Generation Cards will be entitled to the relevant subsidies.

Corporate discount is not applicable should patient utilise the above subsidy schemes.

Dental Service CHAS Orange CHAS Blue Merdeka Pioneer
Consultation $20.50 $25.50 $30.50
Extraction, Anterior $28.50 $33.50 $38.50
Extraction, Posterior $68.50 $73.50 $78.50
Filling, Simple $30.00 $35.00 $40.00
Filling, Complex $50.00 $55.00 $60.00
Polishing $20.50 $25.50 $30.50
Scaling $30.00 $35.00 $40.00
Topical Fluoride $20.50 $25.50 $30.50
X-Ray $11.00 $16.00 $21.00


You should visit a dentist every 6 months for professional cleaning and examination. This is especially important for people who:

  • are prone to plaque and tartar buildup
  • are smokers as they are at increased risk for oral cancer, gum disease and oral infection
  • have persistent bad breath
  • have gum disease, to make sure the condition is treated
  • have heart disease, as poor dental health may increase the risk of heart attack or stroke

You should also make an appointment with our dentist as soon as possible if you experience the following symptoms:

  • toothaches that do not go away
  • chronic jaw pain
  • persistent bleeding gums
  • mouth sores that do not heal
  • loss of fillings, lose and broken braces or issues with other dental work

All our extractions are performed under anaesthetic. As such, you should not experience significant discomfort, even after the procedure. We also provide painkillers where necessary.

You can expect the initial healing process to take at least 2 weeks, but most swelling and bleeding should stop within 1-2 days after the procedure. If the bleeding does not stop after this period of time, you can take some steps to address it on your own, such as biting firmly on gauze for 15 to 20 minutes. If this does not stop the bleeding, give us a call immediately, and we will arrange for a check-up.

You can also reduce swelling and pain, such as using ice packs, followed by a warm compress to prevent a sore and stiff jaw.

A blood clot usually forms at the site of the tooth extraction, serving as a protection over the underlying bone and nerve endings in the empty tooth socket. Avoid smoking, using a straw, and any vigorous activity for the first two weeks. These activities could disrupt the blood clot, which in turn can cause more bleeding or painful inflammation, overall disrupting the healing process.

Learn more about post-oral surgery here.

Scaling and polishing ranges from $50 – $110, consultation fee from $25 – $35 and a consumables fee of $6 is applicable.

NTUC Union members will enjoy 10% discount for scaling and polishing.



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