Want to go back to eating the food you love and bring that smile back to your face?

With today’s technology, dentures are more comfortable and natural-looking than ever. Find affordable and non-invasive solutions to multiple lost teeth, and bring support to your lips and face with dentures.


Dentures are artificial teeth set on a flesh-coloured base that can be put in the mouth and taken out when necessary. They can also be held in the mouth securely when combined with dental implants. In both cases, rest assured that dentures are easy to insert, remove and maintain on your own.


Our dentist will first take measurements and dental impressions of your mouth to create a customised bite. This will be followed by a dentures’ fitting to ensure that the use of dentures is comfortable. Once the new dentures are created at the lab, they will be ready for collection. This process occurs after a few visits.

You might take a few days to get used to chewing and eating with your new dentures. Don’t worry, this process is perfectly normal.

Avoid sticky, hot and food with sharp edges until you are used to sensing temperature and textures with dentures in your mouth. Have some soft foods instead, such as chicken porridge or steamed buns. As you gain confidence with every bite using your dentures, you can begin to enjoy different foods again.



A full set of dentures will cost between $550.00 to $850.00 per arch, whereas a partial set of dentures will cost between $220.00 to $460.00 per arch. This excludes lab fees.

Denture, Full (per arch) $550.00 – $850.00
Denture, Partial (per arch) (not inclusive of lab fees) $220.00 – $460.00


Earn 1 LinkPoint for every $2 spent at NTUC Health Denticare clinics. Terms and conditions apply.


Patients holding CHAS, Pioneer Generation or Merdeka Generation Cards will be entitled to the relevant subsidies for dentures:

  • Orange: Between $50.00 and $170.50 per procedure
  • Blue: Between $75.00 to $256.50 per procedure
  • Merdeka Generation: Between $80.00 to $261.50 per procedure
  • Pioneer Generation: Between $85.00 to $266.50 per procedure

Visit the CHAS website for a detailed breakdown of the subsidies available.

Corporate discount is not applicable should patient utilise the above subsidy schemes.


Dentures are non-invasive and in most cases, should not be painful. At the beginning of getting new dentures, you may feel tightness or soreness in your gums. Your dentures may feel bulky and your mouth may feel “crowded”.

Do not worry as these are common symptoms and will usually improve over time.

In the event you require some adjustments to your dentures, give your attending dentist a call.

Every set of dentures are custom-made to fit the wearer. Should you experience any discomfort such as loose dentures or dentures that rub against your mouth and cause ulcers, please call us for an appointment to address the issue.

Well-maintained dentures can last for decades. However, as our gums change their shape over time, we would recommend replacing your dentures every 3-5 years.

Take care of your dentures and oral health with the following practices:

Brush your gums, tongue, and palate every morning with a soft-bristled brush before you insert your dentures to stimulate circulation in your tissues and remove plaque.

Give your gums a break by removing your dentures before going to bed.

Treat your dentures to a long soak in a glass of water. Dry dentures can become brittle and crack. Avoid placing them in hot water as it can warp your dentures.

Gently rinse your dentures after each meal with warm or cold water. You can also use mouthwash. Use a soft bristle toothbrush with gentle soap or approved dentures cleaner to brush both the inside and outside of the dentures. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or toothpastes and be careful not to drop your dentures as they may crack. Do all your cleaning above a basin of water for extra safety.

In some cases, a fungal infection (candida albicans) can develop in the gums if there is inadequate hygiene or if you regularly keep dentures on through the night.

Do visit us for regular dental checks to ensure that your dentures are at their best.

In general, dentures cannot be whitened because the material used to make the false teeth will not respond to whitening kits, solutions or whitening toothpaste. In fact, whitening chemicals may damage the structure of dentures.

While high quality dentures are less prone to discolouration or stains, you should still aim to prevent stains from forming by cleaning your dentures regularly. They can also be brought to the dentist for professional removal of plaque and calculus.



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