Dentures are a cost efficient way to replace multiple lost teeth and provide support to the lips and face.


Want to go back to eating the food you love and bring that smile back to your face?

With today’s technology, dentures are more comfortable and natural-looking than ever. Find affordable and non-invasive solutions to multiple lost teeth, and bring support to your lips and face with dentures.

  • Dentures are artificial teeth set on a flesh-coloured base that can be put in the mouth and taken out when necessary. They can also be held in the mouth securely when combined with dental implants. In both cases, rest assured that dentures are easy to insert, remove and maintain on your own.

  • Our dentist will first take measurements and dental impressions of your mouth to create a customised bite. This will be followed by a dentures’ fitting to ensure that the use of dentures is comfortable. Once the new dentures are created at the lab, they will be ready for collection. This process occurs after a few visits.

    You might take a few days to get used to chewing and eating with your new dentures. Don’t worry, this process is perfectly normal.

    Avoid sticky, hot and food with sharp edges until you are used to sensing temperature and textures with dentures in your mouth. Have some soft foods instead, such as chicken porridge or steamed buns. As you gain confidence with every bite using your dentures, you can begin to enjoy different foods again.


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