Your Dental Appointment

Make an appointment prior to your visit via our e-appointment form or call our appointment hotline +65 6336 6222. We suggest that patients arrive 15 minutes earlier to register. Please bring along your IC/passport to your appointment. You will need to fill in the registration form with your personal particulars and medical history (e.g. drug allergies) for our records. All the information provided is kept confidential.

Consultation with our Dentist

Our dental nurse will lead you to the treatment room to meet our dentist. Our dentist will recommend the best treatment options for your dental condition after the diagnosis. If you are comfortable with the proposed treatment plan, depending on the procedure involved, most treatments can be started at the same visit.

Taking of Digital Radiographs (x-rays)

If this is your first time visiting the clinic, we usually recommend that you have an x-ray taken to enable a thorough and detailed diagnosis. An x-ray offers approximately 60% more information when compared with visual inspection and shows the overall teeth and gum structure which may not be seen with oral examination alone. This will assist our dentist in providing the best possible treatment options for you, based on your current dental condition.

If you have an x-ray taken less than 6 months ago, bring it along with you to the dental appointment. Do note that your clinical condition may change with time and a new radiograph may be needed if a long period of time has elapsed since your last x-ray. For female patients who are pregnant, please inform the front desk and dental nurse about your condition.