Patients holding CHAS, Pioneer Generation, Merdeka Generation are entitled to relevant dental subsidies. Singaporeans/ PRs can claim a portion of their surgical expenses from their Medisave Account.

Fee & Payments

(Updated for 2024)

The displayed fees are to be regarded as a general guide for care provided by our general dentists and are inclusive of 9% GST. Fees vary with complexity, materials and time spent on the treatment. Quotations for complex work will be given before treatment.

Kindly consult your attending dentist on the actual fees prior to embarking on treatment as the treatment plan may vary between patients. All prices are in SGD unless otherwise stated. The published rate is subjected to change at the discretion of NTUC Health Co-operative Ltd.

  • Consultation (GP)$27.25 – $43.60
    Review (GP)$16.35 – $27.25
    Consultation (Specialist)$43.60 – $98.10
    Review (Specialist)
    $23.98 – $49.05
  • Scaling & Polishing$65.40 – $152.60
    Topical fluoride application$32.70
    Polishing – Heavy Staining$27.25
    Polishing – Prohyjet
  • Amalgam (silver) filling$54.50 – $98.10
    Composite (tooth colored) filling$65.40 – $163.50
    Amalgam/Tooth-coloured Core$119.90 – $272.50
    Composite Veneers
    $196.20 - $272.50
  • Metal/Ceramic crown$763.00 – $981.00
    Semi-Precious/Precious Metal Crown
    (Lab Fees charged separately)
    From $763.00
    Porcelain/Ceramic crown
    $763.00 – $981.00
    Ceramic Crown (Zirconia)
    $1,199.00 - $1,417.00
    Provisional (temporary) crown
    $109.00 – $141.70
    Crown/Bridge Re-cementation
    $87.20 – $119.90
    Post Core
    $119.90 – $272.50
  • Root Planing

    $185.30 – $327.00

    Periodontal surgery

    $327.00 – $436.00

    Regenerative procedures

    From $971.19

  • Root Canal Treatment (RCT)

    $436.00 - $926.50

  • Extraction

    $70.85 - $218.00

    Impacted tooth surgery (GP)

    $468.70 - $1,253.50*

    Wisdom tooth surgery (GP)

    Impacted tooth surgery (Specialist)

    $1,199.00 - $2,180.00*

    Wisdom tooth surgery (Specialist)

    Local Anaesthesia


    *Medisave claimable

  • Denture, Full (per arch)

    $831.67 – $1,308.00

    Denture, Partial (per arch)^

    $283.40 – $675.80

    ^Not inclusive of lab fees

  • Single Arch Treatment

    From $3,032.38

    Double Arch Treatment

    From $4,905.00

    Retainers (per arch)

    From $239.80

  • Porcelain Veneers

    From $654.00

    Personal Home Whitening Kit

    From $545.00

    In-office Whitening Treatment

    From $1,035.50

    Whitening Gel


    Bleaching Tray (per arch)

    From $109.00

  • Dental Implant Consultation (GP)


    Dental Implant per tooth (GP)*

    From $1,853.00

    Dental Implant Consultation (Specialist)


    Dental Implant per tooth (Specialist)*

    From $2,289.00

    Bone Graft

    From $327.00

    Implant Crown

    From $1,962.00

    *Medisave claimable

  • Fees are determined by case complexity. This is determined by the severity of your bite/malalignment issues and your desired treatment goals. Consult our orthodontist to find out your case complexity and treatment options.

    Invisalign (Simple)

    $2,725.00 - $4,360.00

    Invisalign (Complex)

    $4,905.00 - $9,810.00

  • X-Ray imaging$27.25 – $87.20
    Mouth guardFrom $436.00

Payment Mode Available

At NTUC Health Denticare, the following modes of payment are available:

  • Cash
  • Nets
  • Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard)
  • Fave Pay / Alipay
  • EZ-Link
  • PayNow


Patients holding CHAS, Pioneer Generation or Merdeka Generation Cards will be entitled to the relevant subsidies.

CHAS Subsidy TierSubsidy Received
OrangeUp to $170.50 per procedure for selected dental procedures
(dentures, crowns, root canal treatment only)
BlueUp to $256.50 per procedure
Merdeka GenerationUp to $261.50 per procedure
Pioneer GenerationUp to $266.50 per procedure

Selected dental services include:

  • Cementation*
  • Consultation*
  • Crowning
  • Curettage, infected socket*
  • Denture
  • Denture reline
  • Extraction*
  • Filling*
  • Polishing*
  • Scaling*
  • Root canal treatment
  • Topical fluoride*
  • X-Ray*

* Not applicable for CHAS Subsidy Orange Tier

For the full list of dental procedures covered under CHAS, please click here.

Please note that the corporate discount is not applicable should the patient utilise the above subsidy schemes.

Medisave Scheme

NTUC Health Denticare is accredited by the Singapore Ministry of Health (MOH) as a day surgery facility. Patients who are Singaporeans or Permanent Residents of Singapore may be able to claim a portion of their implant surgery expenses from their Medisave Account. The exact amount would depend on the complexity of the procedure. The claim is based on a per surgery and not per tooth basis. Some of the common procedures claimable under the Medisave Scheme are:

  • Procedures CoveredMedisave Withdrawal Limit (S$)
    Without tooth divisionUp to $350
    With tooth divisionUp to $950
    Deep & with tooth divisionUp to $1,250
  • Procedures CoveredMedisave Withdrawal Limit (S$)
    Single Dental ImplantUp to $950
    Day SurgeryUp to $300
  • Procedures CoveredMedisave Withdrawal Limit (S$)
    BiopsyUp to $350
  • Procedures CoveredMedisave Withdrawal Limit (S$)
    Bone GraftingAmount varies depending on complexity

Note: The amount claimable is stipulated in surgery tables set by MOH in Singapore. The above table is only a simple guide and the final amount may vary depending on the complexity of the case and the withdrawal limits set by MOH. The final amount deductible from the Medisave Account is dependent on the final approval by MOH.

How can I claim from my Medisave account for dental surgery?

You must ensure that you have a Medisave account. Check that you have sufficient funds in your Medisave account. You can obtain information about your Medisave balance from CPF Board either online (https://www.cpf.gov.sg/members) or via their hotline at 1800-227-1188.

NTUC Health Denticare will assist you in submitting the Medisave claims. In order to do so, you will need to provide us with the following:

  • Photocopies of both sides of the patient’s and Medisave Account Holder’s NRIC
  • Marriage certificate if you are using your spouse’s Medisave
  • Completed Medisave Claim Authorization Form (MCAF) for Day Surgery with signatures by both the patient and Medisave Account Holder(s)

NTUC Health Denticare will submit the information together with the invoices to the relevant parties. No further action will be required on your part. It takes between two to three weeks for the claim to be processed.

In the event that you do not have a Medisave account or your Medisave balance is not sufficient to cover the dental bill, you can use the Medisave savings of your immediate family members. Immediate family members are spouse, children, parents and grandchildren. Grandchildren must be Singapore citizens or permanent residents. Please note that the maximum amount of Medisave that can be withdrawn will be subjected to the Medisave claim limit for each bill.

Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS) And Pioneer Generation

Patients holding CHAS or Pioneer Generation Cards will be entitled to the relevant subsidies.


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