Dr Colin Ong

B.D.S. (Singapore)
M.D.S. (Orthodontics) (Queensland)

Dental Locations

Dr Colin Ong thinks that most bios are boring. But they do need something to fill the website, so here is my story.

Dr Ong had fun training in dentistry at the NUS during a time when you could still hop and jam to let your hair down! After much grounding in general dentistry, he deepened his commitment to his profession by finishing a Masters program in Orthodontics in sunny Queensland Australia. He has ever since then restricted his practice to doing only braces for his patients in the hope of bringing smiles to their faces & most importantly, to their hearts.

When he isn’t playing around with “railway tracks”, he can be found on the tennis courts, or playing with his gadgets & cameras, scuba diving in the big blue & hiking in the amazing wilderness. Dr Ong strives for & abides deeply in the art of Shokunin.


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