How to Keep Seniors Active during a Pandemic?

Keeping Seniors Active during Pandemic

One of the key risk factors of developing dementia and other health conditions is through your lifestyle choices. A lack of mental stimulation (no, watching television is not a cognitive exercise!) or being sedentary can result in a higher risk of developing dementia, and other related chronic diseases.

With the dangers of COVID-19, seniors may be more likely to stay indoors, and more reluctant to be physically engaged. How can we best encourage seniors to remain active even at home?

In this article, we will be sharing how your loved one can still be an “age-less” senior. By maintaining their well-being through three areas, they can still remain healthy and strong at home!

Active Ageing in Singapore through Keeping Fit

Active Ageing in Singapore through Keeping Fit

Research from the University of Bath* has shown that regular physical activity can help to strengthen our immunity.

Hence, engaging in moderated exercises is an excellent way to protect our elderly’s immune systems. This can help them to tackle any potential health complications from COVID-19.

Do have a look at these fun and helpful exercise videos. These simple activities can help your loved ones to remain in a good shape despite staying at home.

After all, an active senior citizen is an age-less one!

*Source: University of Bath: Regular exercise benefits immunity — even in isolation

Help Them Stay Sharp and Buzzing with Knowledge

Help Them Stay Sharp and Buzzing with Knowledge

Encourage your old folks to keep acquiring skills and broadening their horizons. Elderly activities such as logic puzzles can stimulate their mind, and help them to stay nimble.

As Henry Ford once said,

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.”

By continuously entertaining your loved ones’ minds during this pandemic, they can avoid developing a passive mind while they stay at home.

Do encourage your old folks to keep acquiring skills and broadening their horizons by introducing to them elderly activities aimed at stimulating their mind.

Be it providing jig-saw or logic puzzles for those senior citizens who love to problem-solve, or giving them a beautiful elderly crafts book for our imaginative seniors, these engaging activities will invigorate your elders’ minds and help them to stay nimble and youthful even!

In fact, AIC has even developed free activities and programmes for the elderly in Singapore. These games for old people are aimed at occupying your seniors’ mind during this pandemic. It includes some nostalgic art exercises that will be sure to revive your seniors’ memories of their youth, while teaching them more about COVID-19 through their educational games.

Rejuvenate Them Through Maintaining their Social Connections

Rejuvenate Them Through Maintaining their Social ConnectionsIn this pandemic, your seniors are also affected by the reduced social interactions. This can lead them to feel lonely and isolated from our society.

It is important to remind our loved ones that they are not alone in this crisis. Do check in on their social and mental well-being during these unprecedented times!

From regular Zoom calls, to online karaoke apps, you can still show your love for them virtually. Even if you might not be in the same physical space with them, you can still support their social needs!

Active Ageing Even Throughout the Pandemic

Even though it might be challenging to motivate your senior to keep fit at home, it is still important to try. The contented smiles and healthy bodies of your loved ones will make the hard work worth it!

Remember, an active senior citizen is a happy elderly!


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