Inpatient physiotherapy and occupational therapy services are available across NTUC Health’s nursing homes. Our rehabilitation gyms are equipped with a comprehensive range of equipment to support our nursing home residents on their rehabilitation journey. Dementia care management as well as Cognitive rehabilitation including validation therapy, reality orientation and reminiscence therapy are available in-house for our residents residing in the homes.

Individual as well as group therapy sessions are conducted for our residents, based on their individual care needs. Each resident will have an individualised rehabilitation plan to help them maintain or regain their physical and cognitive functions, so as to better reintegrate into social groups or potentially back into the community.

NTUC Health provides Inpatient Physiotherapy in the following areas:

Geriatric Physiotherapy

This service provides rehabilitation for older persons above the age of 65 years old through therapeutic exercises, mobility, gait and balance re-training to improve the older person’s level of function and reduce risk of falls.

Physiotherapy for Neurological Rehabilitation

This service aims to help residents with neurological conditions such as stroke, Parkinson’s Disease and spinal cord injury, etc. to regain functional independence through movement training, sensation stimulation, coordination, proprioception and strength training.

Orthopaedics and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

This service renders follow-up treatment after orthopaedic surgery such as total knee replacement and hip surgery to ensure the maintenance improvement of joint movements and muscle strength so that patients residents can return to function.

Residents with neck and back pain also get to understand their conditions better and obtain pain relief and taught therapeutic exercise and postural strategies and ergonomic advice to manage their neck and back conditions.


This service provides rehabilitation for residents with cardiac and pulmonary conditions such as Ischemic Heart Disease (IHD), congestive heart failure and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Residents are taught how to manage their shortness of breath and fatigue level and participate in an exercise program so as to improve their endurance and level of function.


This service aims to help residents with dizziness related to a vestibular cause so as to improve in their activity tolerance and level of function.


This service aims to help residents with damage to the lymphatic system resulting in swelling of bidy tissue (lymphoedema) to obtain relief from the swelling and be able to participate in activities as well as improve in function.

For residents with potential to regain independence or return home with competent caregivers, NTUC Health’s multi-disciplinary team will work closely with their family and/or social support services to plan for potential discharge. Discharge planning may include referrals to outpatient physiotherapy and occupational therapy services if needed, as well as home assessments to ensure that the environment is safe and suitable. Caregiver training is also available to ensure confident and competent caregivers. These will help provide a smooth transition and reintegration from a nursing home to the community/ back home.

NTUC Health provides Inpatient Occupational Therapy in the following areas:

Inpatient Occupational Therapy aims to improve residents’ performance in their activities of daily living (ADLs) within the nursing home environment. Some common areas of intervention are as listed but not limited to the following:

Inpatient Occupational Therapy targets residents who require Occupational Therapy based on assessments made by our therapists. Inpatient Occupational Therapy aims to improve residents’ performance in their activities of daily living (ADLs) within the nursing home environment. Some common areas of intervention are as listed but not limited to the following:

Occupational Therapy for Neurological Rehabilitation

The service aims to provide residents with neurological-based interventions to enhance neural recovery and/or neuroplasticity for residents with stroke.

For neuro-degenerative conditions (e.g. Parkinson’s disease), Occupational Therapy at NTUC Health’s nursing homes aims to empower residents with neuro-degenerative conditions to live independently within the nursing home environment and subsequently in the community.

In Occupational Therapy for residents with dementia, residents and their families are supported to cope with the progression of the disease (e.g. behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia). Ongoing education may also be provided for families to be able to better understand and manage the progression of the disease in their loved ones.

Occupational Therapy for Geriatrics Rehabilitation

This service aims to empower and enable residents to age gracefully. Inpatient Occupational Therapy focuses on improving the residents’ performance and competencies in their activities of daily living within the nursing home environment. It involves addressing their limitations in performance as a result of the conditions that they are suffering from.

Occupational Therapy for Community Re-integration

This service aims to re-integrate a resident back to the community and enable them to stay active in their respective roles within the community. Various activities may be conducted as part of the intervention to train a resident to perform day-to-day tasks on their own (e.g. grocery management); bringing them back to the days and tasks they used to do.

Occupational Therapy for Caregiver’s Training

This service aims to provide education and training for family members and caregivers in assisting their loved ones with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). The training may involve transfer training, facilitating seniors in their activities within the home environment or community, and other areas that the family may need to know about in the course of caring for their loved ones.


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