Need support caring for loved ones with dementia?

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Senior Day Care

Our structured dementia programme supports you by taking care of your parent during the day by engaging them in a variety of activities.

Dementia Care at our Day Centre for Seniors gives your loved ones’ access to:

  • Mind-stimulating and sorting games to minimise memory degeneration
  • Reminiscence therapy to aid in memory recall
  • Physical activities to encourage movement and train coordination

Service fees range from $1,000 to $1,600 per month.

Fees exclude additional services such as clinical assessment and treatment, medical escort, rehabilitation, transport, and are before government subsidy (where eligible).



Home Care

Our home care services can help keep your loved ones with dementia engaged during the day, in the comfort and familiarity of your own home.

 Give your loved ones access to:

Fees vary for each service. 

  • Home Personal Care (from $4 per hour(subsidised)/ $22 per hour (unsubsidised))
  • Home Nursing (from $25 – $125 per hour)
  • Home Therapy (from $27 – $134 per visit)
  • Home Medical (from $57 – $288 per visit). 
  • Interim Caregiver Service (from $187 per single day shift (subsidised) to $722 per single day shift (unsubsidised)


Nursing Home

Do you require professional, round-the-clock and residential dementia care in Singapore for your loved ones?

Our dedicated professional care teams will ensure that your loved ones with dementia are engaged and supported throughout their stay at our nursing homes.

Give your loved ones access to:

  • Round-the-clock nursing care
  • Specialised dementia care for your loved ones
  • Intensive physiotherapy for residents with the potential to return home
  • Entertaining activities like gardening, karaoke, art and crafts
  • Interactive day spaces to provide sensory stimulation for residents

Monthly fees range from $700 to $4,000/month (depending on your eligibility for MOH subsidy). Fees exclude additional charges such as admission fee and a refundable deposit.

Contact us or reach out to your medical social worker for financial counselling to get a more detailed breakdown of costs.

I cannot express my appreciation enough to everyone in the team for helping my mum cope with her dementia all these years with respect and love, as well as making her happy and smiling always!
Ms Saratha, daughter of Mdm Pillay Kamachi, Dementia Day Care client
My mum looks forward to the bi-weekly visits of Care Associate Susan, when they do many crafting and book activities. She used to be unable to remember things, but recently have been able to do well when her dementia was assessed. Thank you NTUC Health and Care Associate Susan for the excellent services!
Home Care client
Thank you all for your care & thoughtful acts in my mum’s daily life. While she was coping with dementia, the team at Dakota gave her many meaningful moments! Although these moments might be quickly forgotten, they definitely made her happier!
Mr Arthur Fong, son of Mdm Wong Kim Kok, Dementia Day Care client


Here are some answers to frequently asked questions regarding dementia recovery.

Yes, they are eligible for our services. However, private rates will apply for foreigners, Permanent Residents and Long Term Visit Pass Holders, subjected to admissions criteria.
Yes, it is possible for her to join our programme for a few days a week only. It would be classified as respite care services if she attends the programme for less than 5 days a week.
Please call us at 6715 6762 or contact us here to schedule an appointment for a visit to the centre. This would help us better assess your mother’s needs and allow us to provide care for your loved one.

Visit our Dementia Day Care page to learn more.

Our home personal care service can assist with her personal hygiene (showering/bed bath), meals preparation and feeding. Our staff will also keep them engaged with mind-stimulating activities

At the same time, home therapy can help her regain independence and functional living, allowing her to age in the comfort of her own home.

For other home care services such as home nursing and home medical, they are also able to provide excellent dementia care. For example, if your loved one with dementia requires help with wound dressing, our Home Nursing staff can definitely step in to care for them too.

Yes, clients at our Dementia Day Care programme are encouraged to mingle and communicate with one another. The centres aim to provide a supportive and engaging environment with specialised dementia programmes to keep your loved one happy and healthy throughout the day.
Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents may be eligible for government subsidies and financial assistance, depending on the monthly household income per person, amongst other criteria. The amount of subsidy will be determined through the National Means Testing System (NMTS).

To find out if you are eligible for subsidies and financial assistance, you can also visit our Subsidies page for more information.

For further queries, please call 6715 6762.

We do have care staff who are conversant in different languages, and your senior will be able to communicate freely and comfortably with our staff.

However, we may not always have the right match of dialect speaking staff available. In that case, our staff may approach family members or the caregiver to support in translating.

If you loved one requires round the clock clinical care, or has increasing care needs that you or your domestic helper cannot meet, she may be eligible for our nursing homes.

Fill out the form on our Nursing Home page for more information regarding admission.



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