NTUC Health is one of the operators of Senior Cluster Networks (SCN) in Singapore. Initiated by the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF), SCNs help to coordinate community-based care and support services for vulnerable seniors within each HDB town. The Cluster Support team at NTUC Health was appointed by MSF in 2012, to provide intervention care for vulnerable seniors who have little or no family support.


The aim is to enable such seniors to remain at home, in their preferred community for as long as possible. This is done with a team of trained social workers using a case management approach, monitoring and counseling services. Case managers conduct regular home visits and link such seniors with community support and assistance services to help meet their needs.

NTUC Health currently operates Cluster Support services within two appointed SCN service boundaries mainly in the Taman Jurong and Bukit Merah areas.


Seniors residing within the service boundaries listed above, can potentially qualify for Cluster Support services regardless of their housing type. Such seniors should also meet all the following criteria (i to iv).

    1. Singapore Citizen or Singapore PR aged 60 years and above;
    1. Lives alone or with inadequate caregiver support; and
    1. Has little or no family support, and need continuous physical, mental, financial, and social assistance to live safely, independently at home, in their preferred community for as long as possible.
  1. Meet at least one of the following:
      • Requires assistance in any of the tasks in *Activities of Daily Living (ADL); or
      • Requires assistance in any of the tasks in *Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADL); or
      • Has issues relating to self-neglect, non-compliance with medication consumption, or lack of emotional support; or
      • Exhibits signs of, or diagnosed with depression or dementia; or
    • Has complex needs requiring case management

* ADL refers to six tasks, which include mobility, feeding, transferring, dressing, bathing and toileting.

**IADL refers to six daily tasks, which include light housekeeping, meal preparation, medicine consumption, grocery shopping, telephone utilisation, and managing finances.


NTUC Health Cluster Support also works with the government on other complementary programmes that support seniors. These are as follows:

    1. Caring Assistance from Neighbours (CAN) programme: CAN, a joint initiative by MSF and Agency for Integrated Care (AIC), empowers neighbours in the community to assist vulnerable seniors. CAN Carers visit such seniors regularly and help to spot and report signs and symptoms of self-neglect, deterioration of senior’s physical or mental health, and provide emotional support by befriending and engaging the seniors in social activities.
  1. CREST (Community Resource, Engagement and Support Team) programme: CREST, a pilot programme first initiated in 2011 by AIC, serves as a community safety network for those with, or at risk of mental illness by increasing public awareness and educates on the early detection or recognition of signs and symptoms of mental conditions. CREST also provides basic emotional support to seniors and caregivers, and links them to appropriate services to support their mental health needs.



T.   +65 8612 8302
E.   clustersupport@ntuchealth.sg

NTUC Health Cluster Support (Bukit Merah)
Blk 121, #01-96, Bukit Merah View, Singapore 151121

NTUC Health Cluster Support (Taman Jurong)
Blk 361, #01-111, Yung An Road, Singapore 610361

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