The Eldercare Trust was set up by NTUC Eldercare Co-operative Ltd (now NTUC Health Co-operative Ltd) with an objective to establish, support and promote the material, emotional, psychological and physical welfare of the elderly.

The Trust facilitates the raising of funds towards quality and affordable community-based services.

The Eldercare Trust is a registered Charity and was granted IPC status in 2000 by the Commissioner of Charities and National Council of Social Service Service’s Central (General) Fund respectively.

UEN : T00CC1448L
Charity Registration Date : 30/06/2000
Date of Establishment : 01/09/1999
IPC No. : IPC000173


  • Cheque
    Please mail your Cheque to No. 1 Marina Boulevard, #15-09 One Marina Boulevard, Singapore 018989.
    Cheque to be crossed and made payable to “ELDERCARE TRUST“.
  • Credit Card
    Please click here to donate through the Giving.sg Charity Donation Portal.