The Eldercare Trust was set up by NTUC Eldercare Co-operative Ltd (now NTUC Health Co-operative Ltd) with an objective to establish, support and promote the material, emotional, psychological and physical welfare of the elderly.

The Trust facilitates fund-raising efforts to sustain and improve our community-based facilities and operations as well as keep our services affordable.

The Eldercare Trust is a registered Charity and was granted IPC status in 2000 by the Commissioner of Charities and National Council of Social Service Service’s Central (General) Fund respectively.

UEN : T00CC1448L
Charity Registration Date : 30/06/2000
Date of Establishment : 01/09/1999
IPC No. : IPC000173


  • Cheque
    Please mail your Cheque to No. 1 Marina Boulevard, #15-09 One Marina Boulevard, Singapore 018989.
    Cheque to be crossed and made payable to “ELDERCARE TRUST“.
  • LinkPoints
    Simply log on to http://plus.com.sg/ to do your online reward redemption. Donation can be in amount of $3, $5 and $10.
  • Credit Card
    Please click here to donate through the Giving.sg Charity Donation Portal.